Teasing mid-credit scene in films are a NEW trend; from Gangs of Wasseypur to Without Remorse!
Teasing mid-credit scene in films are a NEW trend; from Gangs of Wasseypur to Without Remorse!(Photo Credit – Imdb)

The latest trend in franchise films is the mid credit teasing scene that are the most sought for by fans today. Because when the credits roll out and a scene comes and teases an upcoming sequel of the movie, fans cannot curb the extent of their excitement when hints are dropped. This has been an International formula with Without Remorse being the most recent, which also has seen some Indian renditions in the recent times!

Across Hollywood and Bollywood cinema, there are many films that have hinted, announced and teased a sequel to the audiences. Makers also make the mid-credit scene move to have the fandom anticipate the sequel release and set the ball rolling.



Let’s have a look at some of the films:

Gangs of Wasseypur

The film is a Indian dark comedy crime film directed by Anurag Kashyap and Zeishan Quadri. The first installment of the Gangs of Wasseypur series, centered on the coal mafia of Dhanbad, and the underlying power struggles, politics and vengeance between three crime families from 1941 to the mid-1990s. Although both parts were shot as a single film, no Indian theatre would screen a five-hour film, so it was divided into two parts. Upon finishing the first part, the fans were treated with the trailer of Part 2 after the credit rolled and all the Gangs of Wasseypur fans were taking by surprise.


After a successful cop film, Singham, Rohit Shetty commemorated Simmba starring Ranveer Singh who dons the police uniform. An entertaining film through and through with a powerful climax where Simmba and his senior Singham together create fireworks. After watching the credits, Akshay Kumar in the scene over a phone call teases the audiences. In the cop universe, Sooryavanshi is next and the fandom cannot wait for the trio to showcase what they got.

Marvel Films

All of Marvel’s movies, Captain America, Avengers Endgame, Infinity War and many more from the universe are best-known for their storylines — of course. But what else does the fan base have a keen eye on is the post credit scene, a mandate for all Marvel movies. Fans do not move an inch in theatres until the post credit scene has played and that’s the crazy fandom we’re talking about.

Without Remorse

Directed by Stefano Sollima, the film sees Michael B Jordan’s return as Agent Kelly, has a mid-credit scene that sees Michael B. Jordan’s character (John Kelly) been given a new identity of John Clark. Those familiar with the ‘Ryan-verse’ are well aware of Clark’s ability to go down and dirty to the dark places that Ryan never would. The scene teases fans and people who know Clark’s place in the books and the character constructed by Tom Clancy anticipate the sequel now more than ever. The scene featured mentions of the Rainbow squad. The book readers must have an idea about the team Rainbow Six which features heavily in Ryanverse, the mention of it in the movie may have a totally different meaning. However, if speculations are to be believed the fans can get excited because whatever significance the term may hold, it more or less teases about a much needed sequel and it may feature the Rainbow team from the novels giving a nod to Jack and John working together.

The fandom for these films is unmatchable as the films are anything but a disappointment for the fans and by dropping a scene during or after the credits, it become even more exciting for the audiences who watched and loved the film to look forward to the second part.

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