From Ranveer Singh As Deadpool To Shah Rukh Khan As Mufasa, 5 Times Bollywood Stars Dubbed For Global Content
From Ranveer Singh As Deadpool To Shah Rukh Khan As Mufasa, 5 Times Bollywood Stars Dubbed For Global Content

A few years ago, fans used to have cringe thinking about the Hindi version of a superhero or animated film. Now, things have changed, certainly for the better, as our very own Bollywood superstars are giving their voice to our favourite international characters and giving their counterparts from Hollywood a good run for their money.

Watching your favourite superheroes and toons mouth dialogues in Hindi is a desi delight beyond imagination. For movies to speak to the Indian audience, it must speak their language which is why it comes as absolutely no surprise to see this trend becoming all the more predominant these days. The best part about it is the fact that it isn’t just the dialogues, but the one’s saying it as well. With a host of A-listers from Bollywood lending their voice to some of the most-popular superheroes and toons in recent years, the fan-following of these successful franchises has grown exponentially.


Being completely in awe of their voice and charming persona, here are 5 Bollywood actors who have lent their voice to Hollywood movies for their desi fans.

The Boys: Arjun Kapoor & Rajkummar Rao

With the show’s second season being one of the most-awaited sequels on the OTT space, it’s time for Amazon Prime Video to offer fans a desi treat of the popular superhero satire. In what is certainly going to make the popularity of the show reach unprecedented heights, they have roped in Bollywood superstars Arjun Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao to dub for the Hindi version for both the seasons. Rajkummar will be lending his voice for Homelander the main antagonist, while Arjun will be voicing for Billy Butcher. Here is a fun fact for the die-hard fans, the show is also being dubbed in Tamil and Telugu.

The Lion King: Shah Rukh Khan

King Khan as the King of the Jungle. Well, now that’s a match made in heaven, to say the least. Lending his voice to Disney’s iconic Mufasa, SRK made every kid’s dream come true who grew up on this cult classic of the 90s.

In addition to his deep and intense voice that fit like a glove to Mufasa’s demeanour, the cherry on the cake was his son Aryan who lent his voice as Simba. Adding their own personal touch to the dialogues, the bond between Mufasa and Simba seemed a lot stronger as fans heard this father-son duo weave magic into the film. Ask SRK and he’ll tell you that Lion King is the film he watches when he is clueless about what to watch with his children, Aryan, Suhana and AbRam. That’s good parenting right there!!!


Deadpool 2: Ranveer Singh

Who else but the crazy, wacky and hysterical Ranveer Singh to lend his voice as one of our favourite superheroes out there? Staying true to his character, Ranveer left no stone unturned to make us love the Indian version of Deadpool as he left us in splits switching his accent from Punjabi to Gujarati. While dubbing can be a tough task for anyone actor, the manner in which Ranveer got his very first dub off to a flying start showed everyone just what a talented star he is. Known as an actor to push boundaries in every performance, we’re certainly hoping for more Deadpool movies as we’ll get to see him in this new avatar that we simply can’t get enough of.

Frozen 2: Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra

It was the perfect sister’s act for fans of the Frozen franchise as they saw Bollywood’s Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra Jonas team up with cousin sister Parineeti as Elsa and Anna. Known to be avid Frozen fans, the two superstars got to live the princess life that every little girl dreams of. Living the character right from start to end, it often seemed that one was watching Priyanka and Parineeti on screen despite only their voices being heard. We certainly want more of the same in upcoming Frozen films. We hope you’re listening to us Walt Disney

Incredibles 2: Kajol

For those who have watched Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 in Hindi, they will remember the voice of Bollywood’s Simran – Kajol as Elastigirl, the female lead of the Incredibles family. Known for her bubbly nature, one felt that the actress was tailor-made for the role of Elastigirl who fights baddies and beats them to pulp.

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