From Mirzapur To Don, These Franchises By Excel Entertainment Come With A Guarantee Of Entertainment
From Mirzapur To Don, These Franchises By Excel Entertainment Come With A Guarantee Of Entertainment

Giving us binge-worthy content and taking every project franchise a notch higher, creative visionaries Ritesh Sidhwani & Farhan Akhtar of Excel Entertainment have taken chance with varied scripts and came out successful. Excel’s remarkable choices of scripts and bringing them to life on the celluloid is what keeps them on the top.


All the projects that Excel Entertainment has bankrolled and creatively produced have been a huge hit amongst the audiences. Owing to their success and massive demand, the makers released instalments of popular shows and movies which further went on to be a success.


There has been an upscale increase in the demand of webseries after the production house presented Inside Edge that garnered a groundbreaking revolution for digital platforms and series alike.

Let’s have a look at his most in-demand franchises:

Made In Heaven: It highlights the complexities of life, common man’s choices and struggles in marriages. It instantly became a huge hit among the audiences. With an unconventional approach towards the most discussed you, the show was steered through the narrative aptly.

Mirzapur: Truly hailed as the Bahubali of web shows, Mirzapur is the King of shows – that created history with it’s raging fandom. More than the makers, the audiences were keen for the next season and have kept Mirzapur relevant and fresh in minds for the past couple of years. That’s the kind of impact Mirzapur has on its fans. Recently, the much anticipated Mirzapur Season 2 hit the digital screens and struck the right chord in their heart. The universe of Mirzapur is massive and has its fans totally invested. The fans have picked up from the series’ elements – bikes and cars of fans in some states have ‘Lions of Mirzapur’ and ‘King of Mirzapur’ written on their number plate as seen in the series. This gesture speaks volumes about the crazy massive fandom the show carries.

Inside Edge: Giving the viewers an interesting tangled web of cricket, power and sports – Inside Edge was THE show for the fans. Cricket is the most cherished sport worldwide and with this Indian sports drama, fans had an ultimate inside guide to the game. The success of this show was colossal and it changed the game of web shows in India.

Fukrey: A comedy film, with an ensemble cast of talented actors. The simple narrative was highlighted in an elaborate way and so effortlessly that audiences recall each scene from the movie at the tip of their tongue. The sequel, Fukrey Returns was widely appreciated by the audience and this franchise has been a huge success. Now, the much-awaited Fukrey 3 is underway and we’re sure it is going to be three times the fun with rib-tickling comedy.

Don: This movie laid the foundation of success with a strong storyline, impeccable cast and thrilling chase. Don is still an audience favourite and will be for aeons to come because of the sheer brilliance with which it was created. Both the parts were equally appreciated by fans and they still await for third instalment.

Ritesh & Farhan’s vision to foresee the project much before it’s created has led them to the path of success.

With the recent success of Mirzapur Season 2, Excel Entertainment is riding high on success. We sure can’t wait to watch what next is in store for the audiences.

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