Laxmii EXCLUSIVE! DJ Khushi On Burjkhalifa's Success & REACTS To Negative Trend Against Akshay Kumar Starrer!
Laxmii EXCLUSIVE! DJ Khushi On Burjkhalifa’s Success & REACTS To Negative Trend Against Akshay Kumar Starrer!(Pic credit – DJ Khushi/ Instagram; Disney+ Hostar )

Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani starrer Laxmii is one of the biggest releases on OTT this year. A few days ago, the makers shared the song Burjkhalifa. The song by DJ Khushi Soni of Shash Khushi became an instant favourite of fans. It has been two weeks and the song is growing on people. Fans have shared dance videos, Instagram reels on the song that have gone viral.


Koimoi spoke to DJ Khushi about composing for Akshay Kumar. We asked him about the love Burjkhalifa is getting and his views on the negative trend for the film. Read the interview below:

How do you feel with so much love for Burjkhalifa?


I’m very happy and thankful to everyone for loving the song and also Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, and my partner Sashi. This is a great moment of pride for me. The song is creating several records and is growing popular just like Burj Khalifa.

What was your reaction when you got to know that your song is the first one to come out from the album?

I had no idea that this will be the first song to release. We got to know a day before the release. Last year, Akshay Kumar locked the song and at that time, I had no idea it was for Laxmii. I got to know about it a few months ago. He told me he will use the song in his way. There’s a speciality of Akshay and fans have high expectations from his music too. He has always given hit songs. When he finds an interest in a song, one knows it’s a good one. For the past few years, there was no party song featuring him. After a long time, there’s a typical Akshay song that has come out and fans are going crazy over it. We have made Burjkhalifa famous in every corner of India with this song.

What was Akshay Kumar’s reaction when he first heard Burjkhalifa?

He loved the song a lot when he heard it for the first time. He said it will be a good party song. I couldn’t meet him now as I am in Delhi. But he is happy with the fact that the song is doing well. It’s crossed 80 million views on YouTube already. I am also happy that he’s a part of it.

The trailer and song have received a great response. But when the trailer of Laxmii was out, there was also a negative trend against it. The song’s release brought in some positivity. Yet, some people kept bashing it. As someone who is associated with the movie, what do you have to say about this negativity?

I think people in our country are very diverse and popular. But whether it’s Akshay Kumar or God, they are not Rajma Chawal that will make everyone happy. People have their personal choices. Those who have nothing better to do try to find mistakes in anything and everything. It feels bad that someone is making art and for people. Yes, there is a business involved, but we are trying to deliver the best. I’m glad the controversies have cooldown now. When the trailer came out, some people were talking negatively about it. But after the song came, there was positivity. No one is abusing or trolling. People are enjoying the song and the trailer. Already there’s negativity due to coronavirus, so we don’t need more. There are many problems in life and handling them is more important than these trends. It’s good to see that now things have settled. There are positive tweets about the movie everywhere.

Laxmii will release on Disney+ Hostar on November 9, 2020.

Did you like the song Burjkhalifa? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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