Mirzapur 2: Did People Like The Show Or Not? The Results Are Out!
Mirzapur 2: Did People Like The Show Or Not? The Results Are Out!

Mirzapur season 2 started streaming from Amazon Prime Video from Oct 23 after a long wait. The first season of the show released in 2018 and second part took 2 years to come.


Since the show was carrying huge hype, it was tough for the makers to match or surpass them. And that was visible when there were mixed reviews about the show on social media. While a section of netizens loved it others weren’t really satisfied. However, all social media platforms continue to be flooded with the memes of Mirzapur 2 and its characters especially Munna Tripathi, Kaleen Tripathi & JP Yadav.


While social media seems to be a confused place as far as Mirzapur 2’s word of mouth is concerned, we decided to directly ask our readers. You! Last week, we started a poll on Koimoi in which we asked our readers and those who have watched Mirzapur 2 to rate it on the scale of 5. The poll is closed now and the results are out.

Among a total of 475 votes that the poll received, maximum readers have voted positively for the show. In fact, there are very less people who have expressed their displeasure for Mirzapur 2. As much 32% i.e. 154 readers have rated the show as 4/5. A little less 31% i.e. 148 people have given 5 stars to the show. 3/5 have been given by another 23% i.e. 107 readers. Rest of the 11% people have given 2 stars and only 3% have given 1 star.

Meanwhile, Singer-composer Anand Bhaskar is currently being lauded for his song Munna rap in Mirzapur 2 but there was a time when the makers felt the song might not happen.

“The character of Munna bhaiya, brilliantly performed by Divyenndu Sharma, was one of the most popular characters in the series. What was fascinating was that there was an element of earnestness about the character despite it being a negative one. Directors Mihir Desai and Gurmmeet Singh wanted me to bring those qualities to life in the form of a song, so that listeners can resonate with the character,” said Anand.

He presented a few options to Mihir.

“But I almost reached a point where we thought that the song might not happen. However, one fine day, I was just playing around with some saarangi samples on my laptop and arranged a nice sounding hook with them. I added a beat and suddenly started singing the chorus of ‘Munna rap’,” recalled the composer and singer of the song.

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