Pahlaj Nihalani Is Back
Pahlaj Nihalani Opens Up Again On Being Removed As The CBFC Chief ( Photo Credit – Twitter / Pahlaj Nihalani )

Back in 2016-2017, former CBFC chief and filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani received huge flak from the industry for excessive censoring of films. Following so much social media protest and negativity, he was removed from the position and was replaced by lyricist Prasoon Joshi.


The decision to replace Pahlaj with Prasoon was received warmly by the industry. However, it had left the former in a bad taste and he left no stone unturned to share how hurt he was with the decision.


Now 3 years later, Pahlaj Nihalani has spoken up again. Recently during an interview with Times Now, he opened up about how he was targetted by the producers. “You cannot show what you want. I was telling them about the rule. I was making the noise, as the right picture should be shown. We have allowed foul language, but you cannot spoil the character. I had opposed obscenity, nudity and the use of abusive language, but the same system and guideline are there. In my tenure, people were targetting me more than CBFC. Why they are not targetting now?” he said.

Pahlaj further added, “Whether I am a producer, if I do not justify my work, will only be a courier service. I need to give my contribution. I have been given some job assigned by the government along with the guidelines. I was not being partial. It was misunderstood. Content makers wanted me to go so that there could be a green signal. It was marketed that way. Whatever time I was there at CBFC, I did my work honestly and with sincerity.”

Before concluding he also said, “I think you have to have an open mind. There is good and bad. If nobody is opposing you, how will you carry the light? You have to take the criticism, to understand the right and wrong. I have understood people’s mind and whatever I did was not out of personal enmity or had my opinion. Whatever was in my hand, I followed the guidelines. Everyone has to follow the guidelines, else you are not following the job assigned to you”.

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