Pankaj Tripathi Talks About Being Called The Highest Paid Actor
Pankaj Tripathi Exclusively Talks About Being Named The Highest Paid Actor On OTT ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Pankaj Tripathi with time and the evolution of OTT has become the king of the arena. Say a platform and the actor has a show on it. Starting with the amazing Kaleen Bhaiya in Mirzapur, the actor made his way to many prolific shows including the game-changer Scared Games and the much acclaimed Criminal Justice. The recognition in turn benefited his film career and the actor gave some amazing performances on the silver screen too.

But even he accepts that the real boom to his now illustrious career happened due to the new wave of OTT. It was recently when a report named Pankaj one of the highest paid actors on OTT. To talk about the same and more Tripathi joined Koimoi for an exclusive chat about his latest film Sherdil and spoke about his dismay with actors’ paycheck and Box Office being discussed. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

When asked if he really is the Highest paid actor, Pankaj Tripathi said, “How can I call myself the highest paid actor when I don’t know how much everyone else is getting paid? Aur paise vaise to ye hath ke mail hai baba. Bas pani aur sabun chahiye dhul jaenge. What is important is the journey and stories and I focus on that rather than being the highest paid person.”

Later he expressed his dismay with the fact that box office and paychecks have become trending news. Pankaj Tripathi said, “First of all why do we even make news out of salaries of actors and Box office? How is it relevant to a common man? Even if I am highest paid, how is it affecting the common people? What does a film’s business has to do with them? They will either like the film or not. I understand it is a way of marketing a film or a person, but I belong to a very different thought process in that department.”

Meanwhile, with time there have been reports that even discussed Pankaj Tripathi‘s net worth and that makes him recall a hilarious incident. “Mine is written a lot on the Internet, I have read that. I was once standing in front of someone’s car and people started saying it is mine. I travel in an electric car. Even today for this shoot I have travelled in it. What is Net worth anyways? Your tongue is your real net worth and it all depends on what he is saying with it.”

Pankaj Tripathi added, “For me the net worth is my audience. I saw at IIFA and anywhere I go, the love that I am showered with is out of the box and that is my biggest earning. Vehicles, balance and all of it is materialistic and comes with money, but love from the audience cannot be bought by money.”

Catch the conversation right below:

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