Mohit Chauhan Opens Up On Music Companies & Their Tricks
Mohit Chauhan Talks About Facts Affecting Singers & Their Work (Photo Credit: biographia)

Mohit Chauhan has been creating music, be it independently or Bollywood playback, for more than two decades. The musician is well aware of the tricks of the trade and has some massive hit numbers to his credit. The album of Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar composed by AR Rahman is one such example. Mohit is also promoting his philanthropy work as we speak.

To talk about both, the singer joined Koimoi exclusively and had a lot to say when asked about the new wave in the music arena and how it has changed. Mohit Chauhan spoke about the label culture that promotes only some artists, and how originality will continue to rule no matter what. Below is everything you need to know and also what the singer has to say.



Talking to us exclusively in a chat, Mohit Chauhan was asked about the economics of the trade and an artist’s social media stand being prominent points considered before roping them in. Chauhan said, “Mujhe nahi lagta social media ka uspar koi khaas farak padta hai. Dekhiye jo films me gaane milte hai, vo ek decision rehta hai producers ka, director ka bhi rehta hai kuch, ek music label ka bhi usme kaafi sara stake hota hai. Aur mene suna hai ke kuch music companies hai jo artist ko sign karti hai, ki aap humare sath sign up hojaeye, hum aapke talent pe kamaenge, zyada hum kamaenge, thoda aapko denge.”

Mohit Chauhan added, “To aap sign up karlete hai. Fir music companies jo hoti hai, un singers ko push karti hai. Suppose, me music company hoon, mene 6 singers ko sign up kiya hai, and I am earning because of them, to mere pass jab koi project aaega, so instead of giving it to somebody else who won’t profit me in terms of economy, me bolunga ye mere pass 5 singers hai, inse hi gawaega. That’s how it is going to be. So that is what I have heard.”

But Mohit Chauhan is hopeful and optimistic about the fact that original content and polished art will prevail it all. The singer says that God has been kind to him. He said, “To uski wajah se bhi farak padta hai. But God has been really kind to me. I have been working for more than two decades. Albums se mene shuru kiya tha, abhi bhi gaa raha hoon. To dekhiye vo economics jo hai vo to kaam karta hi hai. Music companies and producers apas me kya baat chit hai, but agar aap apni original chiz rakhtein hai, apne par vishwas rakhtein hai and apne kaam par dhyan dete hai to I think opportunities milti rehti hai.”

“Aur ye zaroori nhi hai aapko har roz ek gana gaaneko mile. Mera khayal hai ki saal me aapko agar 10 gaane bhi gaaneko mile, jo ki ache gaane hai, that is enough. You can earn money, you can do whole lot of gigs, you become famous. To jyada gaane se nhi hota, as long as you get to do good stuff,”Mohit Chauhan concluded.

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