Elli AvrRam: I've learnt so much living in India
Elli AvrRam: I’ve learnt so much living in India(Pic Credit : Instagram/elliavrram)

Actress Elli AvrRam, who moved to India at a young age to pursue her dream of becoming a Bollywood actress, says that her stay here has taught her a lot.

The actress is originally from Stockholm, Sweden, and says that her experiences in India have contributed to shaping her personality in a big way.



“The struggle have truly been worth it, I’m so proud of myself for taking the step and leap of faith, to move to India at a young age, because it has truly shaped me into a person that has so many more perspectives and understandings about life and it’s different situations. I’ve learnt so much living in India, and I feel blessed about it,” Elli AvrRam told IANS.

Meanwhile, Elli AvrRam, who has been seen in films such as “Malang” and “Mickey Virus”, says that she is glad about the way her career has shaped up.

“In regards to my place in Bollywood, I have not only the filmmakers who have believed in me, to thank, but also the Indian audience who accepted, appreciated and supported me and keeps doing it. Without their love I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Elli AvrRam says.

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