When Salman Khan Allegedly Hit Katrina Kaif With A Stick, This Actress Came To Her Help
Salman Khan Once Allegedly Raised His Hand On His Ex-GF Katrina Kaif For Wearing Skin-Revealing Outfit (Picture Credit: Instagram & Public Domain Vectors)

Everyone in the Hindi film industry knows about Salman Khan’s anger issues. And today, we brought a throwback report which stated one such incident. Back in 2012, when Salman and Katrina Kaif were shooting for Ek Tha Tiger, a bizarre thing happened that created quite a buzz around Tinseltown.

A magazine had covered that Salman had allegedly hit Katrina for a reason in front of everyone, and an actress had come to her rescue. Want to know the incident in detail? Keep scrolling to get to the scoop.

For the unversed, apparently, Katrina Kaif had worn a figure-hugging, a little too-much skin-revealing outfit for a scene in Ek Tha Tiger which had irked Salman Khan to the extent that he had raised his hand on her. In CineBlitz’s cover story, it was quoted as, “Salman was supposedly sitting out on the set, waiting for his heroine to emerge from her vanity van. When she did, it was allegedly in a figure-hugging, a cleav*ge-revealing dress that showed too much skin. Or so Salman is said to have felt. Irritated, he supposedly questioned her about what she was wearing and why.”

The magazine further reported, “Katrina apparently shrugged her slim shoulders and quipped that it was the director’s decision…A perfectly legitimate response but one that evidently caused her ex-beau to flip his lid. ‘I’ll see your director!’ he is supposed to have retorted hotly, before allegedly breaking out into a torrent of foul language. But worse was apparently yet to come.”

It further stated that Salman Khan had allegedly hit Katrina Kaif with a stick, as reported by eye-witnesses as well, which had left the industry in a frenzy. Katrina then immediately ran back to her vanity van and had called Kareena Kapoor Khan for help, who was shooting a few blocks away from them, for Heroine. She then came on their set and spoke to Salman Khan.

However, later, many publications called this incident a ‘fake story’. But what are your thoughts about it?

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