When Saif Ali Khan Was Almost Killed By His Fan's Boyfriend
Saif Ali Khan Was Once Nearly Killed In A Nasty Fight With His Fan’s Boyfriend ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia )

Being a celebrity always has its own perks, but what if being famous turns out to be fatal and dangerous? Confused? Well, Saif Ali Khan fell prey to one such hazardous situation which had grabbed a lot of headlines back then. Which girl wouldn’t want a chance to dance with a handsome man in a club? And especially if that handsome man is non-other than the Go Goa Gone actor? But can you imagine this fan moment turning into a nasty fight?

Unfortunately, Saif, without even agreeing to dance with a girl fan, was attacked by her boyfriend. Shocking, isn’t it? Keep scrolling further to get to know the entire scoop.



According to reports in several media portals, in 1994, Saif Ali Khan was in Delhi following the premiere of his movie Mai Khiladi Tu Anari, which also starred Akshay Kumar, Raageshwari and Shilpa Shetty. In an interview, a young Saif was seen with a bandage on his forehead, which further raised all eyebrows that were already wanting to get a clarification about the fight that was reported everywhere.

Saif Ali Khan apparently clarified about the fight and said that the incident was not rightly reported. He revealed that two girls had approached him for a dance, but he wasn’t interested. “This kept happening for a while. Then we said ‘please leave us’. Their boyfriends came, and we told them to handle the situation, we don’t want to talk to anyone… He didn’t like it and said, ‘you have a million-dollar face I am going to spoil it,” he explained in Hindi.

While chatting with Neha Dhupia a few years back for her chat show No Filter Neha, Saif yet again revisited this incident. He said that the man had approached him to dance with his girlfriend. When Khan refused, the unidentified man hit him with a whiskey glass. “We ended up in the bathroom, and I was wiping my wound because it was bleeding a lot,” he said.

“So, there was a flood of blood, I thought I don’t know what’s happened, so I was wiping it with water, I looked at him and ‘I said look what you did’, as in let’s make up now and he attacked me with the soap dish. So, he was a lunatic, and he might have killed me,” Saif Ali Khan added.

Indeed this was really scary. We are glad nothing major happened.

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