Katrina Kaif Calls Salman Khan Confused & Gives Him A Tit For Tat After Bhaijaan Teases Her For Her Towel Scene Calling Her 'Copy Kat'
Katrina Kaif Talks Only About Salman Khan In Her AMA As Bhaijaan Teases Tiger 3’s Towel Scene! (Picture Credit: Facebook & Instagram)

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are a powerful on-screen pair. The two have worked together on seven films and accumulated a lot of box office hits together, along with a collection of about 851 crore from all the films combined, sans their latest outing, Tiger Threequel. It is expected that their cumulative box office might touch the 1000 crore mark with this seventh film.

The two superstars share a brilliant off-screen chemistry as well, which is quite a surprise since Salman and Katrina have reportedly been in a relationship. So their smooth chemistry to date is a big shocker for anyone who sees them bond so organically to date. Recently, Katrina hosted an AMA session on her Instagram account.

Interestingly, most of the questions she took were about Salman Khan. In fact, it seems like Bhaijaan also dropped a question teasing the actress about her Towel scene from their film Tiger 3. The question said, “Jeene ke me maine towel use kiya tha aur aapne Tiger 3 mein towel use kiya hai. Ye kya Copy Kat chal raha hai?”

In reply to this eye-catching ‘Towel Talk,’ Katrina Kaif replied, tagging Salman Khan’s Instagram account, “Aapne Towel use kiya tha, maine towel pehna hai!” The actress took more questions on Bhai as well. A fan asked, “What is it like being on set with Salman Khan?” The actress posted a photo of them together and replied, “I am perpetually stressing, and Salman is confused!” Another fan asked Salman Khan’s current location, and the actress obliged with another picture, “Ghar pe hain. Unke mummy daddy ki anniversary hai. Lunch karke coffee pee rahe hain. Aur ye selfie leke bheja hai aap logon ke liye!”

Another question asked, “Ek baar jo aapne commitment kar di to kyaa uske baad khud ki bhi nahi sunti?” The Bharat actress once again tagged the Tiger superstar and wrote, “Commitment karne se pehle sabki sunti hoon, uske baad jab commitment kar di to kisi ki bhi nahi sunti.” She was even asked, “Aapko Prem accha lagta hai ya Tiger?” referring to two totally opposite characters of Salman Khan. Kat dropped a cheeky comment, “Tiger accha lagta hai kyunki Tiger mein Prem koot koot ke bhara hai!”

You can check out these answers here:

Katrina Kaif Hosts An AMA Session On Instagram & Takes Up Questions From Salman Khan & For Salman Khan!
Katrina Kaif Answers Salman Khan Related Queries On Her Instagram AMA Session! (Picture Credit: Instagram)

When some of these screenshots were shared on a Reddit thread, netizens had a field day trolling the two stars. A comment read, “I feel like Questions bhi Salman k the aur jawab bhi wo khud hi de likh rha tha!!” Another comment read, “They should DEF keep doing this cuz it’ll help ticket sales. Show more BTS and old memories of them together, too.” A brutal dig read, “Are we for sure in 2023 and not in 2007? Is she married to Vicky, or is it someone else? I’m confused.” A user pointed out, “So many sal-kat ques. Fandom Abhi bhi moveon nahi kar paayi hai.”

Finally, a user wrote, “PR is doing an amazing Job! This is so not Katrina’s Behaviour.” Another echoed the same thought, “PR curated as hell. The social media team is ready with all the pics on hand and questions to be put forward. Who thinks Kat will google search a Salman pic in a towel, come back, and post it on the Instagram story, all for an AMA on Instagram? + a latest Salman pic with coffee mug ready to be freshly posted, come on.”

Check out the discussion thread here:

Salman’s question for Katrina’s AMA today
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