From Rishi Kapoor To Amitabh Bachchan, 6 Bollywood Actors Who Exposed Way Too Much With Almost N*ked Legs Wearing Their Version Of 'Bikinis'
When Bollywood Actors Embarrassed Themselves With Their Version Of Bikinis ( Photo Credit – Youtube ; IMDb )

We always talk about how Bollywood divas sometimes opt for a fashion blunder. But does it not happen with men? Well, surely it does. The only thing is we really don’t talk about it much. So we decided to talk about it on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Because yeah, what better than to scroll the internet!

So, while divas generally make for a ravishing display in bikinis, we were rather not pleased when the Bollywood men decided to pull off their versions of the tiny clothing. And if you think we are generalizing things, then we would love to take you on this trip with us.

We did a little bit of internet searching to find out if Bollywood men also were the slayer as much as the divas. Well, they surely were on-screen, but talking about their fashion experiments, we cannot comment much.

Have a look at these 6 Bollywood men who once decided to drop their pants or cut them short to the point that it was uncomfortable even looking at them.

Rishi Kapoor’s A Yellow, Definitely Not A Dirty Fellow!

We promise you this picture will be the best of the lot. Though Rishi Ji looks strange with a Reena Roy clad in monokini from some film shooting probably, he still qualifies as an okay. And if you do not believe us, wait till you see the rest of the lot. Or maybe this picture is bearable as there is a good-looking Reena Roy to distract!

Amitabh Bachchan’s Version Of Bikini!

Amitabh Bachchan was once so impressed by this picture that he shared it on his Instagram account. The picture belongs to a shoot from Mahaan. Well, clearly can’t say that about Mr. Bachchan, though! To add, he shared it, complaining that his followers don’t increase since he does not put up bikini pictures! Oh god…seriously?


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Please Stop Bachchan Sahab!

If we could beg someone to stop sharing awkward pictures on social media, then it would surely be the Shehenshaah himself. As if sharing his ‘Bhara hua kini’ – his version of bikini wasn’t enough that he shared another picture where he dropped his pants!

Dharmendra’s Napkin Is A Sin!

The OG Action star of Bollywood, the rough and tough Dharmendra, once posed with a napkin. We don’t know what sins that innocent piece of cloth did to have to do this. But here, have a look!


A Twitter account was so impressed by this picture of Jitendra that they decided to turn it into their profile picture. However, if we try to overlook Jeetendra’s leg exposure, we would notice that it is rather the angle that has to be blamed since he doesn’t seem like that much of a fashion disaster! You can check out the picture here.

Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn was the handsome hunk of the 90s, with actresses right from Raveena Tandon to Karisma Kapoor fighting for him till he chose to settle for Kajol. We wonder if she has seen this picture of the superstar yet!

Shakti Kapoor

Now, we get it that Shakti Kapoor does not have a reputation to save. But we would like to know what the director was thinking when he must have made him wear this piece! Scary? No! Funny? No! S*xy? No! Why, then, why?

It’s okay. We understand. Let us all together scream My Eyes! My Eyes! My Eyes! We suddenly know how you felt that day, Pheobe! IYKYK!

For more such rare pictures, stay tuned to Koimoi.

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