Claudia Jordan Claims 'Married' Donald Trump Tried To Kiss Her, Suggested Not To Waste Time With Black Men
Claudia Jordan Claims ‘Married’ Donald Trump Tried To Kiss Her, Suggested Not To Waste Time With Black Men

Donald Trump is amongst those celebs who consistently grab headlines mostly due to ‘not so good reasons’. We have often witnessed his notorious side and several claims alleging him of inappropriate behaviour. Now, actress Claudia Jordon too has come up with some shocking claims against the 45th US president.


As we all know, she used to co-host The Apprentice with none other than, Donald Trump. She narrated the incident when Trump tried to kiss her twice before the show happened. She even stated that Tiffany Trump is the most neglected “of all the daughters”.


Claudia Jordan recently graced Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast. There she made some shocking claims about Donald Trump and took everyone by surprise. She claimed that Trump asked her to not waste her time dating black men. “I was at the time dating an Olympic athlete, Black man, and who is the best in the world. And I was like, ‘Wait, why would you say that to me?’ And he said, ‘Cause they don’t have money.’ And I was like, hmm, okay. So just throw away the whole race because they don’t have the money to you. So I told him, I said, ‘That’s not a cool thing,'” she said.

Claudia Jordan even said that before The Apprentice went on the floors, Donald Trump tried to hit on her. “Oh, before I got ‘Apprentice’, we were just like the year or the year leading up to the show. He was trying it a little bit, you know, he would kind of do it … He tried to kiss me one time, twice. And I had to remind him that he was married. That was like, you are not putting that tongue in my mouth. This is not going to happen. Absolutely not,” she added.

Claudia further went onto add that Trump is more kind to ex-wife Ivanka over his current wife Melania Trump.

Meanwhile, recently an old video featuring “the King Of Good Times” Vijay Mallya went viral, in which he is seen mocking Donald Trump. The video here we are talking about is from the year 1998. Mallya was seen indulged in an interview with Indian-origin British journalist Nikki Bedi.

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