Dev Anand’s Awwal Number Has A Hollywood Connection - Actress-Model Cindy Crawford Had An Appearance In It
Did You Know? Cindy Crawford Was Part Of Dev Anand’s Awwal Number – Her Wiki Page Too Reflects It Too!(Pic Credit: Facebook/Cindy Crawford, Twitter/Arnab Ray, IMDb)

Dev Anand’s Awwal Number was released in 1990 and now, even in 2021, it’s still making the news. Why you ask? Well, it is because of a cameo by Hollywood actress-model Cindy Crawford. This cricket-theme film starred Anand and Aditya Pancholi as half-brothers while Crawford played their dead mother. Don’t trust us? Well, take a look at it below.

The scene in question is the one where Dev is sitting on a lawn with a photo of Cindy framed beside him. As Aditya approaches him to inform him that it is his mother’s death anniversary, Anand corrects him saying, “Our mother’s death anniversary,” while pointing to the framed picture. In the pic, we see a blue ribbon place instead of a garland and Dev delivering a dialogue that said, “Like every year, this year, too, I’ve placed her favourite blue ribbon on her picture. You remember she would tie the ribbon on her hair.”



As reported by Hindustan Times, the screengrab of this scene featuring Dev Anand, Aditya Pancholi and Cindy Crawford from Awwal Number was shared on Reddit by a fan. Besides going viral, it has also opened a floodgate of reactions. One user commenting on it said, “I think they did this on purpose to test whether the audience would notice, and we did 30 years later!”

Another user wrote, “The funniest thing is, if you go on Cindy Crawford’s Wikipedia page, Awwal Number is actually shown in her filmography!!! It says ‘DIG Vikram Singh’s step mother (photograph)’ Too funny!! I doubt she is even aware of this ‘role’.” Check out the picture here:

Cindy Crawford In A Still From Awwal Number
Cindy Crawford Featured As Dev Anand’s Dead Mother In Awwal Number(Pic Credit: Twitter/Arnab Ray)

Talking about Awwal Number, the 1990 sports action thriller was directed by Dev Anand. Starring Dev, Aditya Pancholi and Aamir Khan, the movie revolved around the game of cricket where a new and emerging star Sunny (Khan) has been included in the team in place of another famous star Ronny (Pancholi). While the dynamics between the two weren’t all positive, a terrorist decides to plant a bomb in the field where the match is to be played. DIG Vikram Singh (Anand) is given the case to prevent the attack. In the end, Sunny too becomes a star by playing the winning stroke.

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