Did You Know? Chunky Panday Was Once Offered ₹5 Lakh To Attend The Funeral Of A Businessman By His Family
Chunky Panday Said He Nearly Fainted At The Offer Made By The Deceased Family(Photo Credit – SET India/Youtube)

People get paid for doing nonsense – like test beds to see if they are comfortable, taste animal food, be a companion to people who are alone and more. In the case of film stars, actors are offered cash for special appearances in film, shows and events. But did you know Chunky Panday was over lakhs to attend a funeral and mourn the person who passed away?


Well, this is 100% true. In a past conversation, the Housefull actor recalled the incident and said all he had to do to make the ₹5 lakh was “pretend to cry and stand quietly in the corner the entire time”. He added that he “nearly fainted at the offer” they were making. Scroll down to read about the entire incident.


During a conversation with Mumbai Mirror in 2009, Chunky Panday revealed that he was once offered Rs 5 lakh to attend a businessman’s funeral and mourn. The reason? He was to give the impression that the late businessman had invested in a film featuring him, and hence his family would be unable to repay certain debts.

Chunky Panday was quoted by the publication saying, “They wanted me to do a bit of rona-dhona and stand in a corner very quietly during the entire funeral. They said: ‘That would help us convince them (the creditors) that he’d been putting together a film with some actors, including you’.”

Well, this is quite absurd, and Pandey eventually said no to the offer. But he said that after observing the family’s plight, he decided to send in a replacement – a ‘fairly well-known middle-rung actor.’ Talking about this, he said, “I am not at liberty to disclose who went instead of me, except to say the guy went very readily. ₹5 lakh is not a small amount for standing like a statue for few minutes at an occasion where you are not going to talk much anyway.”

Chunky Panday added that he refused to accept any ‘commission’ for the arrangement. We wonder who his replacement actor was, though.

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