Brahmastra 2 Will Be A Far Superior Product Than Its Predecessor: Heartbreaking Love Story Ft. Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone, Return Of Shah Rukh Khan's Scientist?
Brahmastra 2 Will Be A Far Superior Product Than Its Predecessor: Heartbreaking Love Story Ft. Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone, Return Of Shah Rukh Khan’s Scientist? ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Movie Still )

Amid the trending question of “Is Bollywood finished?” Ayan Mukerji‘s Brahmastra came in as a big ‘HELL NO!’ answering it with its box office figures. Following our mantra “You cannot boycott good cinema”, this Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt starrer is having one helluva ride at ticket windows. But, what if we tell you that Brahmastra 2 will be a better film than this one?

Needless to say, there will be spoilers from this part of the article. So please, stay only if you’ve either watched the film or don’t care about a stranger spoiling a movie for you. The sequel will explore the ‘fulcrum’ of this structure, Dev & his journey of becoming an antagonist against the righteous nature of our hero Amruta (Deepika Padukone).

Dev, in Brahmastra, was portrayed as this huge demon who wants to up his powers to universe destruction level by acquiring all the missing pieces of the Astra. In the second half, we get to know Dev is none other than Shiva’s (Ranbir Kapoor) father & hence the fire power is a hereditary thing.

The body structure also made clear that Dev surely will be Ranveer Singh, because imagine the testosterone rush among fans seeing him paired opposite Deepika Padukone in a love story in which they will be separated by the end (just like 4 out 5 films they have been a part of).

Totally unrelated, this reminds us, have you ever noticed how in every movie Deepika & Ranveer have been a part of (barring 83 as it was DP’s special appearance), their love story has never ended with both of them staying alive? Ram Leela: both die, Bajirao Mastani: both die, Padmaavat: Deepika’s character dies. Even in Finding Fanny where Ranveer Singh was in a cameo, his character died. Even in Brahmastra 2, Dev & Amruta’s love story doesn’t really give much hope of both of them staying alive till the end enjoying a flourished love story.

But, is Dev really evil? Well, that’s what Brahmastra 2 would showcase, a heartbreaking love story between right & pride. How Dev (who is surely Ranveer Singh as of now) will choose his passion to reign the world over his promised eternal love for Amruta (also mostly Deepika Padukone), how two star-crossed lovers will have to change their journey for they want to reach different destinations.

Though Ayan Mukerji didn’t touch an impressive mark when it comes to the love story between Ranbir Kapoor’s Shiva & Alia Bhatt’s Isha, he’s the one who has given us Bunny & Naina (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani) & Sid & Aisha (Wake Up Sid), the guy definitely knows much about shaping up an emotional connection with his characters.

As already told by the man, Brahmastra 2 will also play between past & present, so along with Dev & Amruta, we’ll also see what’s happening with Shiva & Isha as well. Shah Rukh Khan’s scientist won’t be continuing because of what happened with him in part 1 but as Ayan has recently hinted at a possible spin-off, he surely will bring back at least in the flashback sequences to lay the base of his character.

As Generation #1 of everything is just the ‘proof of concept’, generation #2 is where things start to get really polished & interesting. By this theory, we are totally convinced that Brahmastra 2 (Dev) will be a far superior product in every aspect than its predecessor. What are your thoughts? Share in the comments section below.

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