Bigg Boss 11 Fame Sapna Choudhary Reveals Some Harsh Realities Of Bollywood
Bigg Boss 11 Fame Sapna Choudhary Reveals Some Harsh Realities Of Bollywood: “Auditions Honestly Are Nothing Less Than A Scam” (Photo Credit: Facebook)

It is a well-known fact that getting a lead role in films and making a mark for yourself in Bollywood is never easy for an actor or an actress. Several celebs have pointed out that how the film industry has been unwelcoming for outsiders and struggled to get a break in films. Now former Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Choudhary reveals some harsh realities of the film industry.

Sapna is Haryana based dancer actress who shot to fame with her powerful appearance in Bigg Boss 11. However, her fortune did not change much even after her appearance on the Salman Khan hosted a controversial reality show.



During a conversation with FilmiBeat, Sapna Choudhary said, “Bombay is a place where I believe most of its people have their income source through Bollywood and television industry. Auditions honestly are nothing less than a scam; lakhs of people come with a hope of getting cast; but in most of the cases, it’s all pre-fixed.”

Sapna Choudhary added, “Talking about unpleasant experiences, these can be anywhere where there’s a boss and employee relation. I’ve experienced bitter situations too; that comes as a part and parcel in any work environment, but it’s about how you handle them. But if there’s someone who messes with me (casting couch), I’m someone who can even file a complaint against the person right then and here; I couldn’t wait to come out about it years later.”

When asked about whether Bollywood is welcoming for outsiders, Sapna Choudhary said, “Bollywood isn’t welcoming at all. Although an interesting observation that I made about celebrity children who talk about how it’s not their fault that they’re destined to be the public’s favourite, and part of big banner films; they aren’t destined for any of that. They have been pushed aggressively, and even if their first film doesn’t work at the box office, they have producers lined up to invest in them- that won’t happen in the case of an outsider.”

Sapna Choudhary added, “Outsiders don’t get a second chance; and if their first film fails, they take the entire blame for the failure, and that can very well be their last film. But on the other hand, if I were a star kid, I would have probably said too that it isn’t my fault. I’m destined to be on the top, but the star kids can’t deny that they have endless chances, opportunities and contacts. The outsiders don’t have any of that; they’re judged by what they wear, how they talk, and how well they can ‘speak English’.”

Sapna Choudhary concluded by adding, “So, there’s a heaven and hells’ difference between outsiders and insiders; and the industry isn’t welcoming at all”

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