Arnab Goswami SLAMS Salman Khan For His Silence, Twitterati Remind The Anchor About His Confession Of Being Superstar's Fan!
Arnab Goswami SLAMS Salman Khan For His Silence, Twitterati Remind The Anchor About His Confession Of Being Superstar’s Fan!

Arnab Goswami is making it to the headlines quite often for his debates over Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Recently, after calling out many people from the industry, he decided to point on Salman Khan’s silence in the whole matter. While doing that, he did question Khan, but for Twitter, this turned out to be content for yet another meme fest. Twitterati is having a ball with it and you cannot miss that.

Just like he made a comment about Arjun Kapoor, Arnab called out Salman and questioned which country is he hiding in. He asked his silence on the matter revolving around Rajput and his manager Disha Salian’s suspicious demise.

In the Republic Bharat vide, Arnab Goswami said, “Where is Salman Khan? In which country is he hiding? Why is he not speaking a word on drug mafia in Bollywood? There is not a single tweet on the matter of Disha Salian. Why are you silent on the murder of Sushant Singh Rajput? In which city are you living, Salman?”

Twitter right now is having a good time reacting to this video. While Salman Khan fans have targetted Arnab, many are just laughing at the piece of news. One user wrote, “LOL!! I Can’t Stop Laughing #ArnabGoswami is the Best Comedian Right now In INDIA !!He Can Only Bark Behind #SalmanKhan That’s It, This is The Post”.

Another wrote, “Arnab Goswami targeted Salman Khan nd we fans yesterday did a 200k+ anti trend against him and to revenge,today he again tried his best but this backfired badly nd he is getting brutally trolled…Meanwhile this Meme is so apt for him ryt now”.

One user even reminded Arnab Goswami of his interview with Salman Khan and took a jibe. He wrote, “Pic 1 – Arnab Goswami in absence of Salman Khan. Pic 2 – Arnab Goswami While interviewing Salman Khan. Here is the link of arnab’s iv with Salman..look at his tone,body language and he even confessing to be biggest fan of Salman”.

Here are some reactions compiled:

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