Vikram Bhatt: “Someone Told Me In Some Parties Different Kind Of Drugs Are Offered In Trays”
Vikram Bhatt: “Someone Told Me In Some Parties Different Kind Of Drugs Are Offered In Trays”

Ever since NCB got involved in Sushant Singh Rajput, there has been a lot of speculations doing the rounds on social media. From Rhea Chakraborty getting arrested for allegedly procuring drugs for the late actor to Kangana Ranaut exposing the drug angle in Bollywood; there has been a lot of unknown facts getting unveiled about our beloved industry. The latest addition to this is director, Vikram Bhatt.

Bhatt spoke about the drug culture in Bollywood parties and revealed that he left drinking and smoking long ago and stopped attending parties henceforth.

Speaking to Navbharat Times, Vikram Bhatt revealed he liked going to parties when he used to smoke and drink but not anymore and said, “I liked going to parties when I used to drink and smoke. However, I gave up alcohol and cigarettes a long time ago.”

The Ghulam director also revealed that he told his daughter Krishna to not consume drugs and cigarettes at Bollywood parties and left the decision up to her.

Vikram Bhatt further added, “I am not saying that there is no usage of drugs in the film industry. If this is happening in the whole world then must be going on in the film industry too. It seems childish to say and believe that drugs are exclusive to Bollywood.”

Vikram Bhatt concluded by saying, “I have never been to a party where drugs have been taken by anyone. I have been to big parties. Somebody once told me that in some parties, different kinds of drugs are offered in trays. The guests then pick up the drug of their choice. However, I have never seen any such thing in the parties I’ve been to.”

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