Urmila Matondkar REVEALS Suffering A Lot Because of Nepotism In Bollywood
Urmila Matondkar REVEALS Suffering A Lot Because of Nepotism In Bollywood (Photo Credit: Instagram/Urmila Matondkar)

Nepotism debate has been ever since Karan Johar was called the flagbearer of nepotism on his famous talk show by actress Kangana Ranaut. Nepotism has become the talking point in the country and actress-turned politician Urmila Matondkar has recently shared her views on the topic.

In a recent interview, the actress revealed the challenges of breaking into Bollywood during the 90’s era and how nepotism was prevalent in the industry. She also talked about how the media is also responsible for it to grow and exist.



During an interview with NDTV, Urmila Matondkar did not mince words when she stated that the 90s media was nothing less than a mafia. However, she said that she wouldn’t like the term mafia to associate with the film industry. She also said that she received a lot of flak when she came into the industry. However, she didn’t drop any names but states that she had faced a lot of hurdles to make her mark in the film industry.

The actress-turned-politician also clarified that there were a lot of good people in the industry who appreciated her work and encouraged her. She also pointed out that nepotism is part and parcel of the journey that one takes in the film industry. The Satya actress also claimed that despite coming from a middle-class family she made her name in the film industry during the 90’s era. She concentrated on the good work and did not let affect the negativity or nepotism jeopardise her career.

“I suffered a lot of nepotism. I chose never to speak about it and concentrate on my work and let my work speak for itself,” said Urmila Matondkar.

The Rangeela actress also said, “All the problems are part and parcel of the big journey that you take. But the Journey overall, you have to decide whether you want to be remembered for the good things or bad. If you want to take up a stand like this then are you taking it out of personal vendetta or you actually want to come out for people.”

Talking about Kangana Ranaut’s take on nepotism, Urmila Matondkar also said, “The voice that she (Kangana) is raising, just personally thinking, that it’s very selective and what happens is that in the narrative she has to decide.”

The former actress also pointed out that Kangana Ranaut, who claims to be self-made and brought in feminism in the industry, often plays a women card when she is being attacked. She also suggested that the Queen actress has to decide first on the narrative.

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