Arjun Kanungo Opens Up On Remix Trend
Arjun Kanungo Feels One Should Not Be Blamed For Taking A Step In Their Career That Benefits Them(Photo Credit – Facebook)

Singer-composer-actor Arjun Kanungo is a flag bearer of new-gen indie music in India. Born to YouTube, the singer has seen a rise in his graph gradually and has worked pretty hard for it. Now talking to Koimoi exclusively, the actor took the moment to talk about indie music and how it finally got attention during the lockdown. While on that he also spoke about his take on remixes.

Arjun Kanungo will be soon seen in Salman Khan starrer Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. The actor joined Koimoi for an exclusive chat to promote his film and music. While talking about everything from working with Khan to facing the camera, to what plans he has for the future, Kanungo spoke about it all. Below is all you need to know and also what exactly he feels about the remix trend.

When asked what he feels about the remix trend and if he endorses it, Arjun Kanungo said, “I don’t care for them to be really honest. I am not against them as such, I just think they shouldn’t be in every film. I think it’s become almost like a formula, ek remix dalo, phir ek party song dalo, ek love song dalo bas. That’s the marketing plan right? For most films. I think that should change, they should take more risks. They should go out and explore what our country likes and what our country doesn’t. There is data showing that is showing more and more non-film music is a very fast growing sector. So they should invest more time and make it a priority like some labels are doing already.”

Arjun Kanungo added, “So I would say that I am not against remixes, I just feel don’t over do it yaar. If it’s the right remix, I will do it. I have said no to countless remixes. Because I feel like what am I going to do new with this song. If you have given me a song to sing, naya kya kar raha hoon iske sath? I am not judging everybody. You do you in this economy. Whatever works for you, you should do. As an artist, what I am asking is what am I bringing to the table, that’s new to the song? If I can justify that with a proper answer in my mind, I will do it.”

Further in the chat, Arjun Kanungo was quizzed on how does he say no, when a big label approaches him with songs he isn’t interested doing. He said, “Just say you don’t want to do it. You know I had this conversation a long time ago, when people were talking about this. People were criticising a particular artist for those remixes. And I was like, you cannot blame somebody to take a step in their career which benefits them. If the song is doing well for them, why will they say no? In my case, that is not my goal. Everybody has different goals. My goal is not to have the biggest song, mine is to have the most original song. I need to respect my work basically. That’s a priority for me.”

Catch the conversation with Arjun Kanungo right below:

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