World Music Day: For Arjun Kanungo, it's a day to remember why he started all of it
World Music Day: For Arjun Kanungo, it’s a day to remember why he started all of it(Pic Credit : Facebook/Arjun Kanungo)

Singer-composer Arjun Kanungo feels while music should be celebrated every day, occasions like World Music Day give everyone a chance to reflect upon their musical journeys.

On the occasion of World Music Day on Monday, the singer opened up on what the day means to him.

“Every day is music day for a musician like me, but whenever there is a day like this it’s a good time to go back to your roots and remember why you started all of it. Introspection helps one to improve one’s craft,” Arjun Kanungo told IANS.

Arjun Kanungo, whose recent singles “Famous” and “Woh baarishein” have been popular, opened up on the trend of music videos catching up, especially during lockdown.”

“People are more inclined towards music videos. A prime reason is the fact that movies are trying to cut short their length, and they’re giving less time to songs now as compared to in the past,” said Arjun Kanungo, adding: “Previously we used to see movies with 10 to12 songs in a (run) time of three to there and a half hours. But now, movies have cut short to one and a half to two hours. That’s why there are like one to two songs in today’s movies and the rest are just in the jukebox and played in the background. That’s why many musicians prefer to come up with music videos.”

Arjun Kanungo has a Music Day message for aspiring musicians: “Follow your passion and give it your heart and soul. There will be numerous roadblocks ahead of you, but you have to build up the strength mentally to overcome them. Never go lax on your practice and never consider any work as small.”

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