Amar Singh Chamkila Review By A Music Lover: Diljit Dosanjh's Easy-Breezy Personality An Attempt To Justify Lewd Adult Lyrics? Decoding The 'Tharkila Saxila Ganda Banda' Debate
Diljit Dosanjh Plays Amar Singh Chamkila In His Biopic Directed By Imtiaz Ali ( Photo Credit – YouTube; Instagram )

Amar Singh Chamkila is a name that might have been alien a few weeks back but is now known to most of us, thanks to Imtiaz Ali, who directed a biopic of the late Punjabi singer. Diljit Dosanjh played Chamkila in the film, and Parineeti Chopra played his wife.

Now, for the unversed, Chamkila was criticized a lot for his outrageous lyrics that involved commentaries about illicit relationships, objectifying women, and talking about their fantasies in general.

Some of the most lewd songs by Amar Singh Chamkila talked about women in particular and their assets suggestively. A couplet in the song Baapu saada Gum ho gaya says, “Teri maa di talashi lehni ni bapu sada gum ho gaya.”

Many Chamkila songs have been used in the film and sung by Parineeti Chopra and Diljit Dosanjh. One of them says, “Menu chatt le talee de utte dharke mitra mein khand bann gayi.” (L*ck me, I am like sugar on your hand.) However, while watching the film, I realized that I laughed at these suggestive lyrics at times and was surprised by their outrageousness and boldness. However, while I am all cause when it comes to pin-pointing vulgarity in cinema, I was surprised that I was enjoying Amar Singh Chamkila’s songs!


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And this leads to the most obvious question – why? I have been someone who has always raised an eyebrow when Kareena Kapoor called herself Tandoori Murgi, asking her Saiyaan to ‘Gatka le mujhe alcohol se’! I am the same person who has a problem when Saif Ali Khan dances with two women calling his Jawani ‘Second Hand’ and says, ‘Yun meri Jawaani pe jo Ungli uthaaye, Khud ki khaali taxi mein kitne bithaaye.’ But I am also the one who has never judged people enjoying dancing to these songs.

So, how is it that Chamkila and his vulgarity never stung me once? Probably, it was Imtiaz Ali’s very smart casting. Diljit Dosanjh has always come across as this cute, shy Punjabi Munda in interviews, who is always humble and always smiling. He lights up your mood and energy as soon as you see him on screen anytime, and probably this blurred line of distinction between Diljit’s real and reel persona as Chamkila helped set the tone of these songs as entertaining rather than offensive.

But was it a deliberate attempt to take the debate much farther from the Chamkila – Tharkila – Saxila – Ganda Banda – as Irshad Kamil beautifully describes Chamkila in one of the songs of the film? But is it okay to judge these songs and their writer and call them vulgar when all he does is mirror society?

I belong to Uttar Pradesh, where one of the most entertaining and fun parts of weddings is the ‘Gaali’ at Mandap. For those who do not know, these gaalis are a part of traditional weddings where both the bride and the groom parties accuse each other of illicit relationships. Sometimes, these lyrics are as suggestive as ‘Sarara Sayn Sayn ho rahi thi rail mein’ and at times outrageously straight as ‘Chhoti Saali pe phisal gaye Jijaji’ (The brother-in-law is trying to flirt with his sister-in-law.)

Moreover, not to forget, even our Cinema culture celebrates ‘Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai, Chunari Ke Neeche Kya Hai’ and ‘Chhat Pe Soya Tha Behnoi Main Tanne Samajh Ke So Gayi.’ In fact, we have songs discussing intercourses on a wedding night – Remember ‘Rukmini Rukmini, Shaadi Ke Baad Kya Kya Hua, Kaun Haara Kaun Jeeta, Khidki Mein se Dekho Zara?’

So, blaming Amar Singh Chamkila’s songs for destroying a generation and dismissing his lyrics as lewd, adult, and vulgar in a Nation that celebrates innuendos is the most hilarious debate we might have come across. So, even if he was a Tharkila Saxila Ganda Banda, aren’t we all the same behind veiled laughter, jokes, and discussions?

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