Adnan Sami's Ex-Wife Zeba Bakhtiar Recalls Custody Battle and Toxic Marriage
Adnan Sami’s Ex-Wife Zeba Bakhtiar Talks About Marriage With Bollywood Singer (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Renowned singer Adnan Sami is known for owning Bollywood in the 2000s with his back-to-back hit tracks. With tracks like ‘Tera Chehra’ and ‘Lift Karade’, he just could not step out of the limelight. But before Sami indeed rose to fame, he was married to Zeba Bakhtiar for four years, and the marriage was as rocky as possible. The couple separated in 1997 after tying the knot in 1993.

Zeba Bakhtiar has now revealed that after she married the Bollywood singer, she gave up everything and dedicated everything to this new adventure with her husband. However, after realizing it was not all rainbow and roses, she decided to move on. Check out her comments below.

While talking to Aamna Haider Isani for her YouTube Channel, Bakhtiar opened up about her failed marriage with Adnan Sami. She said, “I married Adnan and Azaan was born, I was totally invested in that. But when the marriage didn’t work out, I started doing productions and other projects. I lost my mind. I was functioning because that coping mechanism comes from somewhere, but I was not all there. I have got big patches which I don’t remember. It was very difficult. But I am thankful I got back with Azaan. It was 18 months of this custody battle. I wasn’t working during that time, but a few friends of mine told me to work for my own sanity. There was a friend who was doing a serial in England and I joined the same show. I went to London for a few months to shoot that.”

While further talking about her tough journey with Adnan Sami, Bakhtiar said, “No woman ever breaks a marriage because she wants to break it. She does it when she reaches that point…you know, a point where you cannot take beyond that. When you absolutely have to. It is never like ‘I am going to be a cool and empowered woman and I will leave home’. No! It is because I have tried, and tried everything in my capacity, everything I knew, and tested all my patience and endurance.”

Bakhtiar concludes her relationship with Adnan Sami, who is known for his melodious tunes in movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, by saying, “I did everything I could possibly do to save the relationship, but I am not reaching the point where this is going in any positive direction for either one of us.”

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