Adnan Sami’s brother made explosive revelations stating the musician made p*rn dvd of his wife
Adnan Sami’s brother exposes him calling him a liar ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Adnan Sami has been a part of controversies ever since he gracefully accepted Indian citizenship. Now his brother Junaid Sami Khan has made some shocking yet explosive revelations about the singer on his social media post.

Junaid in the long post claimed that Adnan is a big-time liar who made objectionable videos of his second wife to present them in court. He even claimed that Sami has fake degrees and has even been to jail.

In the post, the musician’s brother even blamed him for not helping him in his career. He questioned his wife Roya and asked her how does she live with such a filthy man. However, the post now stands deleted but it got viral in no time.

Junaid wrote, “Time to play Imran Khan and reveal the truth about my elder brother Adnan Sami. I fear no one but God. I dislike doing this but the truth must come out. I saw much 1st hand and I challenge Adnan Sami to refute one word I say here! He cant! I don’t lie, unlike him.”

Junaid, then in a very long and elaborate post wrote pointers about Adnan Sami’s personal and professional life. Talking about Sami’s birthplace he wrote, “Adnan Sami was born on 15 August 1969 in a Rawal Pindi hospital. I was born in the same hospital in 1973. So him stating he was born in England or any other place are all lies.” Junaid went on to claim Adnan Sami’s professional certificates are also blatant lies and fake. “He failed his O levels in England and got the degrees made from Lahore. He did his A levels privately in Abu Dhabi.” wrote Adnan’s brother.

Junaid even exposed Adnan Sami’s fued with his second wife and claimed Sami made p*rn Dvds. He wrote, “This point makes me sick. I wouldn’t do it to my girlfriend even! Adnan Sami made a p*rn dvd of his 2nd wife Sabah Galadaeri around 2007 or 2008. Ok…Kinky stuff can happen between a husband and wife…BUT KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Adnan Sami gave it in court – for all India to see – lying he didn’t make it and Sabah’s lover made it! All lies! Sabah fainted in court I was told.”

Junaid vented his frustration for his failure and blamed it on his elder brother Adnan Sami who did not help him in his career. He wrote, “Adnan Sami could have helped me musically big time! He knows I have talent too and can sing. Many have said to me I have a slightly better voice than him even! The edge! But he never cared and remained selfish as he is. Never launched me in India! He is a shady character. Did he fear I may have overtaken him career-wise? Don’t rule it out! Now I sit at home doing nothing! Adnan Sami is the main reason for it.”

Junaid claimed that Adnan Sami accepted Indian citizenship because India pays him well which Pakistan can’t. He claimed that their mother is Pakistani and not Indian, another lie told by Adnan Sami. Junaid got many reactions on his post where people tried to calm him down calling it a personal matter. Junaid, after such reactions, deleted the said post.

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