Aditya Seal On Post Student Of The Year 2 Phase: "People Said That You Have To Stay Relevant" (Pic credit: Instagram/adityaseal)
Aditya Seal On Post Student Of The Year 2 Phase: “People Said That You Have To Stay Relevant” (Pic credit: Instagram/adityaseal)

Actor Aditya Seal says when he was going through a lull period in his career in Bollywood, he did not have the pressure of being relevant, but the pressure of getting eyeballs was always there.

Aditya, who was seen in films like “Tum Bin II”, “Student Of The Year 2” and “Purani Jeans” in starring roles, told IANS: “After ‘Student Of The Year 2′ there was a time where people said that you have to stay relevant, and I said that I’ll try and do whatever I can. I’ll get my work to speak. So, I don’t go out of my way to be in the news. It’s just not how I am. I am very shy when it comes to the media,” he added.

The actor recently said that he did not get the opportunities he had been looking for.

Aditya Seal had told IANS: “The real answer is chances. I did not get the chances I had been looking for. I did not get the opportunities, but it’s fine. I have no complaints. Everybody has struggled and I went through mine.”

“Then there was a lull phase in my life and career, but then I got ‘Student Of The Year 2“, and it has been great. Not that I have been choosy or picky about films. It’s just that I didn’t have the chance to show (my talent),” Aditya Seal added.

He says film offers did come his way, but these projects did not get him the eyeballs he was hoping for.

Aditya will next be seen in “Indoo Ki Jawani”. The film stars Kiara Advani and revolves around a girl from Ghaziabad and her misadventures with dating apps.

Previously, Aditya Seal said that he does not agree with the allegation that nepotism reigns in the film industry and, without taking names, says some brainless person has glamourised the word.

“I did ‘Ek Chotisi Love Story’ and ‘Purani Jeans’, where I was launched. There was another film, ‘Tum Bin II’ where I was re-launched and then I did ‘Student Of The Year 2’. So, for me, I don’t understand the theory of insider-outsider at all because me being an outsider and getting launched and re-launched — why would anyone do that?” Aditya told IANS.

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