12th Fail: Vikrant Massey Takes 72 Days But Beats Every Single Indian Film Of 2023 From Animal To Dunki - Rules IMDb List
Vikrant Massey’s 12th Fail Beats Every Single Indian Film Of 2023 On IMDb’s List ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Vikrant Massey is indeed one of the best actors of 2023. His portrayal of IPS officer Manoj Sharma was so heartbreaking and gut-wrenching that you could not hold back your tears, no matter how many times you had watched 12th Fail. Now, as the film is streaming on OTT, it has miraculously topped IMDb charts.

Taking a jump of almost 78 places, the biographical drama is currently trending in the global list of IMDb‘s most popular movies. The number 1 film in this global list is Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi’s black comedy psychological thriller Saltburn. Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film even crossed Barbie and Oppenheimer for a day.

But now, 12th Fail is trending at places 16 – 18, beating every single Indian film released in the year 2023, right from Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal to Prabhas’ Salaar. The two films are closest to 12th Fail in this global list of most popular movies.

Vikrant Massey’s film, where he plays IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, was released in theaters on October 27, and it took him almost 72 days to beat every single film of 2023. While the film continues to shine and earn in theaters despite having an OTT release, here are five reasons that this film has rightfully surpassed every Indian film.

Honestly High On Emotions
The film is very high on emotions. While struggles are part and parcel of everyone’s life, all of us, at some point in time, surrender to our struggles. But here is a man who doesn’t. Throughout his life, he builds a career unimaginable to his capabilities and strengths.

Simplicity Wins
12th Fail is a simple film. In fact, it’s an honestly simple film. It talks about a story, and the story has no sugarcoating – no Bollywood songs and dances, no heavy dialogues, no over-the-top emotions, and no larger-than-life hero. It is an honest and simple film about the life of a man called Manoj Kumar Sharma and his struggle to become an IPS officer!

A True Story Of An Underdog
The film is a true story of an underdog. From a boy who studied in a village where passing an exam was not a big deal to cracking one of the most difficult exams in the country, Manoj Kumar Sharma has come a long way, and so has the film. We all are underdogs in some way or another, and deep down inside, we all root for underdogs to win.

Vikrant Massey’s Smile
Vikrant Massey is a star – in fact, a star that shines bright in the darkest of the nights. While Indian Cinema has lately been talking about macho heroes killing and ruling, Massey, with his charm and infectious smile, brings sanity amidst the chest-thumping men on screen.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra!
VVC is the man who deserves all the accolades for making the audience remember the charm of simple and honest films. While he has made a film right, he has also done the marketing right. He has made sure that 12th Fail is not only seen but is heard right.

While we would suggest you to definitely watch the film in theaters, you can watch it on OTT as the film streams on Zee 5.

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