Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla's Friend Gautam Hegde Slams Host Salman Khan For Bias Towards Rakhi Sawant, Read On
Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla’s Friend Gautam Hegde Slams Host Salman Khan For Bias Towards Rakhi Sawant (Photo Credit: Instgaram/Abhinav Shukla, Gautam Hegde, Salman Khan & Rakhi Sawant)

Lately, television actors have been pouring support for Abhinav Shukla who is currently inside Bigg Boss 14 house. After Rakhi Sawant’s antics of continuously annoying Rubina Dilaik’s husband in the recent few episodes, netizens have also slammed her for behaving inappropriately with the actor. Now, Gautam Hegde has called the host, Salman Khan ‘biased’. Read to know the scoop.

Be it getting Abhinav’s name written over all her body or pulling the strings of his pants, Rakhi isn’t leaving any stones unturned to entertain her fans.

Gautam Hegde, who happens to be an actor and writer, penned a long note for his friend Abhinav Shukla and called Salman Khan a ‘biased host’ in the same. He called out Rakhi Sawant for crossing the line and behaving inappropriately with his friend on Bigg Boss 14. Read the note here.

“This weekend was probably the worst episode of Bigg Boss. There have been episodes before where the host has sounded biased towards someone or the other, but this time, I could not see how they chose to shrug off something as serious as harassment and make the victim sound like someone seeking attention and worse, they tried to convince him that he was visible to the audience because of these antics!

Abhinav Shukla is a perfectly behaved gentleman, and no one can take that away from him- the viewers who watch the show, and whoever has worked with him or knows him will vouch for it.

Initially, on the show, he came across as ‘boring’ and ‘did not give content’ and someone who ‘spoke about science’ and that was mocked at. Then they mocked at him for piggybacking on his wife’s ticket to the show. But he just kept his head held high and kept going. He was the right contestant for the wrong show, but he slowly picked up the ropes.

After Rakhi Sawant came and started her antics, everyone was entertained because they got to see an awkward funny side of Abhinav. But Rakhi, who has been shown on telecast to be wanting to slit her wrist because she likes Abhinav, discussing with Phogat that she wants to share Abhinav with Rubina, who came with Abhinav’s name scribbled on all parts of her body, and even after being warned, trying to cross a line till she pulled the strings of his shorts, and SALMAN KHAN’s opinion was that is all in good humor and coming across as friendly! Excuse me? If a man were to write a girl’s name just above his underwear line claiming his love for her and trying to pull her bra strap, would that be called harmless entertainment?

And it was HE who was told, as if he should be grateful to Rakhi that he is seen. Boss, by that logic many other contestants are dependent on other contestants to be seen. Why single him out?

When I read heartening posts in support of him, it warms my heart and he is a winner in that regard already. Because finally there is a man who has earned respect and won hearts by playing even Bigg Boss like a gentleman’s game!”

What are your thoughts on Gautam Hegde supporting his friend Abhinav Shukla in Bigg Boss 14? Tell us in the comments below.

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