Aamir Khan’s biographical sports drama Dangal has created history at the Chinese box office. The film crossed the 400 crore benchmark in just 11 days in China. It collected 34.80 crores ($ 4.86 million) on its 2nd Monday and now stands with a grand total of 417.50 crores ($ 65.13 million).

Truly an unprecedented run!

Aamir Khan’s Dangal Crosses 400 Crore Mark At The Chinese Box Office

Interestingly, the film has even surpassed its Indian lifetime business (387.38 crores nett) in merely 11 days. With the humongous contribution from China, the film has crossed the $ 90 million mark at the overseas box office.

Take a look at the all time highest grossers at the Overseas Box Office:

1. Dangal$228,012,603
2. Secret Superstar$128,660,000
3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan$67,240,000
4. PK$47,200,000
5. Dhoom 3$31,000,000
6. Padmaavat$27,500,000
7. Dilwale$26,680,000
8. 3 Idiots$26,000,000
9. Sultan$24,380,000
10. My Name Is Khan$23,000,000

Since the film is showing no signs of slowing down, the benchmark of 500 crores is definitely on the cards for Dangal.

Dangal now stands with a global collection of 1162.13 crores. The film has become the 1st Bollywood and 2nd Indian movie to cross the 1000 crore benchmark globally.

China is still viewed to be a patriarchal society but the masses have connected with Dangal, quite clearly. Aamir is among the most popular Indian actors for the Chinese who also are fans of South Koreans artistes. “All those issues touched on in his works also exist in China, but no Chinese has ever made that type of film,” Wu Qian (pseudonym), a 29-year-old fan of Aamir, was quoted as saying by Global Times.

For an audience heavily fed on action-oriented films, Dangal could be a dekko into the world of wrestling in Indian hinterlands, very powerfully brought out on the screen by a cast led by Aamir, and including Sakshi Tanwar, apart from debutantes Fatima Sana Sheikh, Sanya Malhotra, Zaira Wasim and Suhani Bhatnagar. Based on the story of a wrestler who trains his daughters to become world champions in wrestling, released in China as Shuai Jiao Baba on May 5 which means Let’s Wrestle, Dad.

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  1. Haha!! Haters gonna hate..just like the above Facebook posts. Looks like they are Salman “Being Criminal” fans. I believe they will still bark at my comment after I have posted it. Just see below :P

  2. These retards have no idea how big the Chinese market is, 400 Cr is a big number in India but nothing compared to china. A movie has potential to earn over a billion USD just in the Chinese market, that’s how huge it is. The number of screens are much higher and also the ticket prices. It’s funny how they are so partial towards bahubaali. These assholes can go to any extent just for the sake of religion.

  3. Dangal ko utna scean nahi hai… Juz tey want to show tat tey r competing with Bahubali 2 ..jealousy ppl. If tis mve really hav the capacity tan why wouldn’t tey release the movie last year itself!! Why now wen bahubali crossed 1 thousand plus and ashaming bollywood records.. Mostly ameer khans?? Stop posting such rubbish news Bahubali is great amongst all ameer khan and bollywood movies

  4. there is something fishy about dangal collections, i just have searched the chinese online movie booking websites in google . i have found almost all the theaters in china are EMPTY. the total number of filled seats in each theatre is from min 2 – max 10 seats not morethan it. how could this number is possible with out proper occupancy yeah, i know i shouldnt say this just by counting at online bookings but generally chinese book online tickets more than USA people. and i even enquired few of my friends who are doing medicine in china , they told that the movie was good but there isn’t too much crowd at theatres and no chance of getting such number of collections which the media has declared as of now. may be aamir took bahubali 2 collections seriously and wants to win the race or trying to reduce the margin. just to make this happen they even started showing fake collections. if iam wrong, what is he doing till now, what took him so much of time to release it in china ? why did he released it after looking at bahubali collections. His satyameva jayate and his tears on that show everything is FAKE. these khans just make movies to get that number one place only ? that is the reason they choose sensitive topics like god, women empowerment, education etc and portray themselves as social servants and responsible actors ? finally bahubali revealed true colours and jealous one can get when others are doing better than us.

  5. i don’t know why some people don’t believe it May be just coz it’s a Khan’s film if you can believe tha Bahubali 2 grossed 1000 crs mark then why not Dangal.

  6. post the names,addresses of cinema theatres of china with show timings in which movie dangal is showing


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