Koimoi Reader Mr. Aavishkar Gawande, who is also a Film Critic & Trade Analyst, has written to us an interesting piece of his mind. Must read!

We all have seen and heard such statements on social media. Being an SRK fan it really hurts me and millions of his fans like me. But today I’m not writing this article as his fan but as a spectator.

A spectator of Bollywood, A Spectator of the career of our all Superstars emerged in 90s – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan (though early in 2000) and as an honest moviegoer.

Money, fame, name are windfall games, says SRK
Shah Rukh Khan

While reading this article you may come across many such points that you’ll relate to even if you are an SRK hater. I just want to discuss and ask you all (Fans, Haters & Neutral ones) that what is a Bad Phase?

What is that you call a Bad phase of a Bollywood Actor?

I do not deny the fact that since Chennai Express, Shah Rukh Khan has not delivered any Blockbuster. Happy New Year, Dilwale, Dear Zindagi and Raees all were HIT while only Fan was a flop (it was worldwide Hit though).

So is this what you call a bad phase? Seriously guys?

SRK has not yet succeeded in giving a Blockbuster since 2013, he has only been giving HITs.

If you call this phase a Bad phase, then what will you call that phase of other actors when they continuously gave flops after flops?

Today people compare SRK with Salman, Aamir, and now with Akshay too. So now let’s get a career round up of all these actors since 2000.

Starting with one of the most loved superstars of India – Salman Khan.

1. Salman Khan – Career: (2000-2017 present)

Salman Khan Opens Up About Heartbreak, First Crush & More In This Video
Salman Khan

Salman had an average period between 1990-2000 with 11 successful films out of 22.

Now come to 2000.

Salman’s 2000 started with Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge which was a Hit at box office. After that Salman gave continuous 7 flops with two semi Hits (Chori Chori Chupke Chupke and Tere Naam). He got his next clean hit after a gap of 4 years with Muzse Shadi Karogi (2004).Then again from 2004 to 2009 Salman gave 12 flops with 2 Successes ( No Entry and Partner which were Super Hits). Again after 2 years he got his hit i.e Wanted. After wanted he gave 3 another flops. And finally in 2010 his real career started with Dabangg being a Block Buster. Since 2010 till 2017 except Jai Ho all his 9 films are successful. And this can truely be called a Good Phase for any actor.

2. Aamir Khan (2000-2017 Present)

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has only 13 releases from 2000 which is very less as compare to other actors.

But Aamir has been very consistent with his few releases too. Out of 13 he has only 3 Flops and rest 10 were Successful including 3 ATBB : 3 Idiots ,PK, Dangal.

3. Akshay Kumar (2000-2017 present )

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar’s year 2000 started with Hera Pheri and Dhadkan. Both were Hit and average respectively. Since 2000 till now Akshay has done total 67 Films. He has never been consistent with his performance. Out of 67 Film he has 31 Flops and 21 Successful films . Rest were average .

Akshay is having the best time right now with back to back 4 Hits in a row.

Now come to Shah Rukh Khan:

SHAH RUKH KHAN (2000-2017 Present):


SRK had 25 releases in 90s out of which only 8 films were flop. He had a good performance in 90s with Blockbusters Like Darr, Karan Arjun, DDLJ, Pardes, Dil To Pagal Hai and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. But SRK’s year 2000 started with a flop Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani followed by Average Josh but ended up with a Block Buster Mohabbatein. Year 2001 had 3 releases – Asoka and One 2 ka four which were average and flop respectively. But again ended up with a huge blockbuster Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. And since Kabhi Khushi Gham i.e 2001 SRK went on releasing film almost each year and has almost all successful films. Since 2001 SRK has total 23 releases out of which only 3 are flops and 17 successful Films while rest 3 were average/semi hits.

Also amongst these, all senior actors from 1950s till 2017 SRK has the highest success ratio.

Shah Rukh Khan has been the most consistent actor of All time in Bollywood.

Following are the top 5 actors according to Success ratios:

1. Shah Rukh Khan : Total Films :54
ATBB: 3, BB: 7, Super Hit: 4, HIT : 12, Semi Hit: 4, Average: 6
Success ratio : 36/54 = 66.66 %

2. Aamir Khan : Total Films :25
ATBB: 4, BB: 2, Super Hit: 3, HIT : 4 , Semi Hit: 1, Average: 2
Success ratio : 16/25 = 64 %

3. Hrithik Roshan : Total Films :23
ATBB: 0, BB: 5, Super Hit: 2, HIT : 2 , Semi Hit: 3, Average: 1
Success ratio : 13/23 = 56.55 %

4.Salman Khan : Total Films :60
ATBB: 2, BB: 9, Super Hit: 5, HIT : 8 , Semi Hit: 5, Average: 2
Success ratio : 31/60 = 51.66 %

5. Akshay Kumar : Total Films :102
ATBB: 0, BB: 2, Super Hit: 9, HIT : 14 , Semi Hit:6, Average: 14
Success ratio : 45/102 = 44.1 %

This is the career analysis of SRK and his competitors.

When you compare SRK with his contemporaries, you’ll realize that he’s never gone through any bad phase. Giving flops after flops is called a bad phase which many actors like Salman, Hrithik, Akshay, Ajay, Amitabh ji etc had. But there was never such phase for SRK. He gave successful films almost every year not only at the domestic box office but worldwide too.

Now please re-think … is it really a bad phase?

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  1. Very one sided article because even after you saying you are writing this as a spectator but clearly the fan in you is visible in each n every word. Also your list of Semi Hits, Avergae and Flops is always debatable. Point which i would like to make is lets forget 2nd Tier actors (Akshay, Ajay & Hrithik). Lets talk about the biggest enetrtainers of Hindi Cinema THE KHANS. I am sure The Young, The Old, a Hindu or a Muslim, from Delhi or from Mumbai, nobody in this country can deny the fact that 3 Khans are the biggest superstars of hindi film industry. So lets compare the 3 of them. As per your stats, Salman is last in the 3 Khans and i agree because before Wanted & Dabangg people had stopped taking Salman seriously. And with number of films Amir does if even one script doesnt work he will face a lull peried for many years. Now coming to my point, in last 5 years or so, if we talk about growth as an Actor or Filmmaker i think Salman has the biggest leap. The kind of movies that he is doing, directors, scripts its all too good to belive. Playing layered characters like in Sultan or Choosing to do Bajrangi, its kudos to him. Aamir is as always stable and level headed with all that he does. What these 2 Khans r doing best is mounting the movies in a certian way (90 to 100 crores all in budgets) and then unleashing the film to public with profit percent of atleast 200%. Now talking about SRK, he is the one who has slid his way down n comes last in my expectations. Even if we forget the Box Office the mere quality of his work is rapidly decreasing. Thats what maked me sad.

    • Yet..Salman Khan has insecurities casting powerful female leads in his movies and craps his pants if his releases are not during Divali, Eid or Christmas. This is so sad as well.

  2. Dilwale, Happy New Year and Raees were only SEMI HIT and not HIT. Whereas Fan was a flop at the box office. Only Dear Zindagi was a Hit where he had shorter role. If you want to consider that then please consider Dulha Mil Gaya too which was a disaster.

  3. its very unfortunate to Bollywood someSRK Haters always say he is no more he is nothing in front of amir and salman but the question is what about the other actors except amir and salman… they were no close to SRK and his Stardom india and globally…and when you talk about Salman and aamir the both actor had a good phase in this period of time big grossing movies and much more but still SRK is Giving back to back hit …except fan was a average and Raees was a Semi hit movie but it is really maters…if you are a big fan of any actor its mean you hate all the other actors…
    SRK amir and Salman Industry have 3 Superstar which is a good thing…but fans is fans fight for actors and use abusing words and i think this will not end until Bollywood is here….fans are always fans but to all fans i have single question it is really maters if you like someone it means to hate someone that means logically if cinema is part of your life or body ….than you like your mom but hate drastically your sister as a fan or you love your right hand but you hate your left hand and you hurt it… really…the same equation is here the all actors is part of Bollywood if so they all give 100% of their for a movie if you not like it thats fine that is your choice…but hating someone is really is your choice just think ..just think about it…..


  4. Well said. Srk is the king of Bollywood and he is god of acting , the biggest superstar in the world in his bad phase also .
    He is superb and better than all actors.

  5. Commendable job Aavishkar. Although I am a die heart aamir & hrithik fan yes you can never deny the fact that SRK leads amongst all not only with the # hits e.t.c but the love he gets from people all over the world.
    Celebs like SRK who present us so remarkably in the cinema here & all other parts of the world SHOULD & CAN NEVER BE COMPARED. they have garnered/earned respect, love & fame with all this hard work, dedication & efforts. Nobody in the rest of the world compares their legends the way we do in india.. which is unfortunate. I am sure it must be hurtful to these biggies as well.
    He has contributed in a great way in bringing the cinema here where it wouldn’t have been without his contribution.
    He is one of those few stars who have propelled cinema goers all over the world to watch our films & know who india is.
    SRK is called dilip kumar, amitabh bachan of this ear which no other khan or any other bigger star is addressed as. All these legends have given flops,average films in some phase of their careers but we all remember them for the best they have given to us.
    SRK like Karan said is in a metamorphosis stage.
    How can Akshay be even compared with him? NEVER, Although i am a big fan of Akshay but I am sure even he wouldn’t want or apreciate to be compared with a legend like SRK,AMITABH BACHAN with the kind of graph he has.
    Last let’s not forget every human goes through a rough patch in his /her life.
    India loves SRK & all those who have contributed in making cinema watchable & improved.

    Best Regards

  6. Bit unfit write up, as movie is a medium of Director and not the actor. Gone are the days starism in bolly wood. E.g Recent Hindi Medium, Sairat(though marathi movie), etc. If the story line is good and Director could convincingly explain to the audience, movie is BB or some time ATBB. When Director fails, movie fails.

  7. I second Vikram BIG BIG TIME !
    Has anyone ever compared Tom Hanks ,Brad Pitt,Robert De Niro,Marlon Brando,Daniel Day-Lewis??
    Why do we compare a legend who has gotten us so much love & respect?
    The World doesn’t know Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik or Salman but it’s only SRK !!
    My university fellows when came to know that I belonged to India asked me only about THE SHAHRUKH KHAN soi felt proud about him about my country who have let him flourish & today INDIA is also recognized with his name.
    Please stop spreading hate & love all these stars who have made us so proud in the world.

  8. Pls check again the box office result..amir has the highest success ratio..it not my movie..it’s a analysis

  9. Every actors have their own special contribution in the field of art,culture,entertainment social welfare and many more.so,love all of them and keep love all human being!!

    • For ur kind information to all srk comes every time in clash he is fearless he is nt getting proper solo release from last 5 years comparing to other actors thts y his movies are performing average bt still he is one and only king of bollywood the baadshah👍

      • hahaha thats the failure man
        he is not even getting release date for him.
        As Eid booked for Salman, Christmas for Aamir. And no one dares to release any other movie during these actors release. But for SRK he has to find out the release date for his films. And other actors not even getting fear to release their movies with his because they know Shahrukh films are not at all impacting their business. His recent movies are performing very badly.

  10. What is bad phase ?? Salman had tht ask him akki had tht ask him
    SRK is just delivering hit movies dnt compare box office collection because he is nt afraid to come in clash……….

  11. Kitna time Hai Bhai, vellepanti ki had Hai. Poora data analysis Kar dala flops, semi-flops, hits n blockbusters pe for all the top actors, just to prove that SRK is not in a bad phase. Kya fark padta Hai even if he is? Paise to Kama hi raha Hai…

  12. To be honest box office is funny. Most of the salman khan movies are crap but they will cross 100 crores while excellent movies like Trapped,Aligarh,Rockstar,Wasseypur,Haider etc finds it hard to cross 75 crores.Amir khan has established himself in solid movies, salman has established himself in crap,masala movies SRK has lost somewhere in between. He did posh like Raees and crap like dilwale.Nothing worked.
    He needs something out of the box really.

    • Raees a posh film and Dilwale is not. You kidding me, did you even watched those movies or you are just blind SRK fanatic. Raees was the worst film in his career and Kaabil was world class. But again it was the stardom that won. The main reason Bollywood doesn’t make great movies is because audiences only want to see the stars and not the story direction etc which according to them is bullshit. Raees was nightmarishly horrible disgusting but only won good reviews solely due to Shah. While Kaabil got bad reviews because it clashed with Shah. Besides when on earth did the movie watching audience ever appreciate good films. No wonder Shah inspite of all the great stories he could bring to life by selecting talented directors and story. Chooses disgusting movies which tortures fans for daring to buy the tickets how dare they the waste their money on this bullshit so I must torture them to respect money and not just throw money at Shah and Salman all the time even though we have several world class actors who can but these guys to shame and yet these gutter chaap fanatics who only deserve to be slaves never encourage them. It only deserves to be treated the way Humshakals they show bad movies as a device to torture Saif, Ritiesh and Ram. Despite being a bad movie Dilwale was miles better than nightmare in hell Raees which is royal only in name in reality it doesn’t deserve that title.

  13. They say that numbers don’t lie.Those that think otherwise to what the author of this article says should present the’r alternative numbers/fıgures. Thumbs up to the author.I have come to this conclusion he made in his article some ten years ago. why not? Keen and objective observers of the Hindi film industry will agree with me that since SRK joined Bollywood, he has been the common denominator in any comparison with good actors. Be it with past actors or emerging actors. His quote “I’m like a Rolls Royce which can run without an engine, just on reputation” seems to encapsulate his journey.He was the best,he is the still best and will continue to be the best.NUMBERS DON’T LİE. In fact, now he is being compared not only with Bollywood actors but actors in Hollywood. Who among his contemporaries or any Indian actor, both past and present, has such an honour? SRK is a LEGEND par excellence. PERİOD. Indians should learn to celebrate him rather than pull him down. I am a Ghanaian and ı am proud of SRK. In fact, ı have named my son after him.May Allah grant my son the intellect, wit,charm and success of SRK.Amen.

  14. SRK’s real hit in last few years is ‘Chennai Express’. It is sad for SRK that a mediocre movie like ‘Chennai Express’ stands out among some terrible movies like Dilwale, Happy New year and Fan (yes – just a gimmick movie). Dear Zindagi was a decent movie but it is a good hit for Alia Bhat.

  15. Dhoom 3 is atbb bhai ab srk ko bada dikhane ke liye aamir ke movie ko km kroge kya. ..aur aamir 2000 se liye becoz of mela flop to srk ka bhi 2000 se bol date 2001 se Kyo? ???

  16. Aamir is not scared of doing experiments. Lagaan,Taare jameen par,Ghajini,3Idiots,PK,Dangal,Rang De,Fannna. In any of his film you will see he is doing different characters than done before. He is versatile.

    As you have written this article in praise of Shahrukh. Yeah he is a superstar. He entertained us a lot. But even after 25 years working in Bollywood we don’t see him doing different role. Whenever we see him we consider him as Romantic hero. His current age is above 50. Still he is doing such films :P

    He has to go beyond boundaries. After Chennai express he did so may stupid movies
    – happy new year
    – fan
    – Dilwale and many more
    Same Shahrukh was everywhere inthose films. Again he came up with ‘Jab harry met sejal’.
    Do some different characters man. Your costars have gone far beyond every Akshay as well.

  17. One day we ll regreat to avoid FAN movie, its very good move. If u watch the movie Dhobi Ghat, FAN movie is far better. Both actor doing different role with different story telling movie. FAN is far better.
    Salmal is gud for collection, You don’t feel shame to Salman after watching Prem Ratan dan paiyo and Dabang 2. Grow up… Star power is not only collecting money from his movie,

  18. Shame on koimoi for publishing such a one sided & biased article. After om shante om in 2007, SRK has bad phase compare to other khans. 10 years is not a short period. Jab srk ke movie 300 cr India my kry to mujhy miss call krna😂


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