Jai Ho Movie Poster
Jai Ho Movie Poster

Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star cast: Salman Khan, Tabu, Daisy Shah, Ashmit Patel, Danny Denzongpa, Sana Khan, Suniel Shetty, Mohnish Bahl

Director: Sohail Khan

What’s Good: Salman Khan and his ground smashing, perfectly done, action scenes. For a change, the actor has to himself, a story that has its heart in the right place.

What’s Bad: The constant plodding lecture alludes us from the intended magic of the film. Not to mention, the simplistic vein of affairs is appalling to say the least. Daisy Shah is a terrible case of incorrect casting.

Loo break: Some for sure

Watch or Not?: When it’s a grand Salman Khan affair, critics’ opinions are just trash talk from a bunch of envious buffoons who can’t digest the man’s success. But since I’m entrusted with the task of critiquing it, here I go. Sohail Khan’s Jai Ho is a nobly conceived product that disintegrates into a regular Salman Khan affair ala Dabangg with high octane action and irreverent dialogues. It’s bewildering to witness all the Gandhian sermons in a masala fillum but the novelty loses itself in the repetitive-ness of its plot. Finally, the film fails to ennoble itself beyond what the contours of the script holds for it. Lacking the quirky fun of Dabangg or Ek Tha Tiger, Jai Ho simply furthers Salman’s Being Human status. However, it still scores over all of Salman’s works put together for its ability to translate the common man’s simmering anger into a Utopian and satisfying climax. A definite not-miss!

User Rating:

A formerly decorated Army officer Jai Agnihotri (Salman Khan) is now leading the life of a common man. Employed as a mechanic in a garage, he still cannot withstand the social evils which are going viral around us. Raising his voice against the wrong doers lands him and his family in stick troubles.

Despite repeated attempts to stay off trouble for the sake of his lady love (Daisy Shah), he cannot ignore the chain of things and ends up pitted opposite the evil Home Minister Dasharath Singh (Danny).

Whether Jai manages to get his noble hearted intentions to trigger further or loses to Singh is what the story tracks down.

Salman Khan in a still from 'Jai Ho'
Salman Khan in a still from ‘Jai Ho’

Jai Ho Review: Script Analysis

Salman’s movies are never about the script but about how well the scheme of things help in using the actor’s star power. But to its credit Jai Ho has an efficient story to itself. What falls limp is the frail execution of the film.

The film’s story comes without excessive baggage of intelligence and is kept simplistic in its vein. An army officer who underwent court martial after a failed terrorist operation becomes a car mechanic. The chain of affairs are webbed with such plainness that it all seems too easy for one. The concept of never wasting yourself saying thank yous rather help three other people, is both unreal and wishful. But atleast the film attempts to infuse some potent messages amidst the thrashing and action.

No one watches Salman’s films for exhilarating acting or story. We understand the limitations of the genre he has established but definitely the scripts he chooses have an intrinsic element of relatability.

On the grey side, the film repeats the moral value lessons so frequently that they turn tedious. The incredible hulk of a protagonist is intense and convincing only in the action bits, but the romance factor should have been done away with for good.

The growling lead man is hilarious and will crack you up more than getting your respect. It’s low on IQ, extremely lame and I can point out ten other well-based problems but the goose bumps I got every time Salman stood up for the wrongs against people ,negates every glitch in the film.

Jai Ho Review: Star Performances

Salman Khan is not Dabangg but he is light years better synced in the role than even Dabangg. He is earnest in his role and though there was hardly any scope for him to have fun, he is deliciously indulgent.

Daisy Shah isn’t exactly in her most impressive avatar.

Tabu is sincere but has very little to do in the film. Pulkit Samrat and Mohnish Bahl were noticeable in their roles. And Danny was great as well.

Perhaps the only one who looks appealing in the film besides Salman is the little kid – Naman Jain, whom we last saw in Raanjhanaa and Bombay Talkies can still steal hearts.

Jai Ho Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Sohail Khan attempts to create a positive jingoism of warmth and goodness. But the director fails to fabricate the genuineness as it doesn’t emerge out the required intensity due to the over enthusiasm of its screenplay The preaching is overdone and had it not been for Salman Khan the film would have been entirely unwatchable.

The romance scenes were half baked and did not have the expected fluff. Often the film’s screenplay inflicts severe wounds on the intelligence of the audiences but when there is such unbelievable thunderous action to get mesmerized by, why waste time picking out logic lapses in the film. If you were looking for logic, Dedh Ishqiya would have been a super-hit. Especially, in the climax scene, when an army tanker guns down people who come to kill Jai, if you manage to find logic then hats off to you!

The brisk editing works fine as the film remains fast paced and doesn’t fall slack too much. The music is unbearable.

Jai Ho Review: The Last Word

Jai Ho is fascinating in parts and fumbles in the rest. Salman Khan and his convincing rendering is what makes this film work for me. The most interesting thing that comes out of it is the message that it isn’t very hard being Human. Jai Ho might have overdone it but the message is memorable. For Salman and his heart felt and endearing attempt, the film manages to slip out with 3 stars from me. Too many glitches but the goodness negates it.

Jai Ho Trailer

Jai Ho releases on 24th January, 2014.

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Jai Ho
Reviewed by
Mohar Basu
and Rated

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  1. i saw JAI HO…..mind blowing……dance in theatre was awesome….with all other hot salman fans girls//////////

    guys go to theatre…..u will love it]
    1000 cr box office

    new salman fans…..watch in theatre…….when songs goes and action goes on…..you will love audicene reaction

    nothing…..can stop JAI HO TORNADO AND STROM AT BOX OFFICE……….1000 CR CONFORM

  2. Mohar Basu ko kam sey nikaldo…itna accha movie ko khali 3 star….should be 5 star

    MOHAR….DEK BHAI…300 CR definitely karegi

    u r the worst critic …but your opinion does not matter/////

    what matters is our….opinion…..we all die hard fans will make this movie a huge blockbuster

    JAI HO

  3. halwa hey kya bhaad may gaya tumhara review

    review to hum fan karenjay…our review is 5 staar..nd blockbuster is now JAI HO

  4. Watched jai ho last night in dubai with house full audience . Everyone was loving the movie and clapping and shouting at every action scene. For me its good movie but most of the people were saying that its better than dhoom 3

  5. Ha Ha..

    Reading the review it appears that you are scared to say that its a bad movie.

    Its a typical case with all Masala flicks. The movie is not great, the story is repetitive and the actor is trying to drag it forward courtesy his fan power.

    And the Reviewer is in a fix. He cannot say the movie is bad because no matter how pedestrian the movie is, it will be a hit for reasons we all know

    The sad state of affairs today is that Star power of repetitive actors such as Shahrukh and Salman make everyone watch it atleast once and that’s sufficient to drive the movie through the opening days.

    Adding to the vows, the viewers don’t have any other alternatives because there are no other movies ready to compete.

    End result :
    1. Reviewers won’t dare say that the movie is not great.
    2. All viewers will watch the movie atleast once.
    3. The movie will make it to a 100 crore or 200 crore club courtesy magnanimous screenings and zero competition
    4. Fans would keep on cat fighting and the Saga of masala flicks would continue.

    Jaago Viewers Jaago ! :-D

  6. i m a slman khan fan…n i m fed up nw…waching a movie without story…like dabbang 2 and ek tha tiger n now jai ho…..plz dont make us fool by selling only salman…not entertainment…we want full entertaining movie with salman like…ready and wanted….which we have watched again n again

  7. Too boring…again boring and storyless movie from salman !! make the films like wanted and dabbang
    please makers do not sell us salman we wAnt entertainment #boring #storyless


  9. masttttt …….jabardast….awsm movie…..nyc action …..nyc screenplay…..and atmost salmasn is there….so nthng else matter.

  10. ye movie dekhne se behtar hai SRK ki tabiyat kaisi hai uska khabar lo…salman to street actor hai..SRK salman ka baap hai

  11. salman jaise actor har ghar mein milenge par SRK jaisa actor sau saal mein ekbaar paida hota hai…so JAI Ho mat dekho aur SRK Kaisa hai wo khabar lo..

  12. I guess best rated Salman Movie in years by Mohar Basu. I adore u Basu. Going to watch tomorrow. Hope u hav’nt ditched people like me …

  13. Jai Ho is the perfect example of how a relevant social subject becomes converted to a run of the mill masala action film. While I would say this is Salman’s most honest effort at acting in the past few years, too many negatives pull the film down. Pathetic actress, poor direction and terrible music are the main problems. Salman and Tabu were the only saving grace of the film. And Salman just cannot resist taking off his shirt, can he? This whole film rides on Salman power but that is not enough to save this film. A man who kills people by drunk driving, beats women, shoots black bucks and still remains free from the law cannot be expected to convince people by doing this kind of films that he is ‘Being Human’.

  14. Jaago Janta Jaago…udhar SRK ki Tabiyat kharab hai aur tum logo ko Gay ho ki padi huyi hai..wo bhi ek rickshawale ki movie…shame on you

  15. ITs really lovely movie , becoz we are indian and after saw this movie , i say proudly ,mera desh mahan jai ho….. jai ,…ho …salute to all team of jai ho …

    • Umesh beta movie dekh kar mera desh mahan keh kar salute karne se kuch nahi hota, aisi baat hai toh real mein desh ke liye kuch karo

    • its not copy ,its a remake, do u know remake means- official buy the rights of the movie. ok so dont tell its copy, and the telugu one is boreing and crtical. jai ho is 100 % better then telugu one… dont jealous on star power. be a right person……jai…jai…jai…jai ho…jai ho//// !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. yeh hai asli aam aadmi…a real tiger man. janta ko kuch sikhna chhahiye… aur yahi sahi tarika hai curruption ko mitane ka…

    • Beta film five star cadbury tak deserve nahi karti abhi bhi waqt hai jaag jao, remake movies ke liye 3 stars rating ocsar se kam nahi hai……LOL

  17. gr8 movie with awsome story and gr8 action… shahrukh ke fan kro dislike …. me tumhari bhavnaye samjh sakta hu… kro kro bindas….

  18. Umesh beta movie dekh kar mera desh mahan keh kar salute karne se kuch nahi hota, aisi baat hai toh real mein desh ke liye kuch karo

  19. Comment Dabang, Bodyguard nd Dabang2 k baad 1 aur sardard(Jai ho), medical company wala gush diya tha kya? ise type ki movie banane k liye.

  20. Jai ho is a good movie u can watch it with ur family….this is the 1st movie of sallu im watching after HDDCS…….. I hate watchng sallu because uski her movie copied hoti hai but this 1 is partiotic

  21. 1.Good n meaningful stuff
    2.Good Acting
    3.Relaxed after long-time watching Salman some interesting n involving role
    4.Last But not least Typical Bollywood Fight sequences
    ‘Meaning n WATCHABLE MOVIE -“JAI HO”‘

  22. Movie is a blockbuster!

    150 Crores for sure!!!

    Action is just too Good!

    Tabu also is phenomenal.

    And then there is the One and Only Salman Khan.

    If anyone can carry a Movie on his shoulders,he can.


    • Salman is the lonely actor who is having dare to move with non festive season along with low ticket price….. ultimately power house

    • tum hat jao lekin salman is the best…………….tum mar jao………………….

      tumhari jarurat nahi hai india ko

      lekin salman is the best

  23. i thing 3idiots jai ho is one of the best film nd jaiho iz far far better film thn CE & D3 Agr CE & D3 ITNA BARA hit hua to jai ho usse v bara hit hona chahiye superb movie

  24. Excellent movie…..cmplt package of entrtainment n vry gud msg on ths republic day
    evry bdy shd wtch ths movie…….Salman Khan:-The Real King of Bollywood

    • jai ho is a suberb,rocking movie. I dont no why the review is so bad. the whole 2 and half hour I was with the movie,Please dont go with the review it might be the plan to make his movie flop, kindly watch it and then u will also be saying jai ho.

  25. frndszz watch jai ho its truely good movie…one man can Change Country… & never say Thanku… just help other 3 people..
    & i m doing same telling to 3 people Go & watch Jai ho Super Movies Sallu bhai…

  26. I want to say u all that the movie jai ho . Will not success due to the meet of salman khan to Narendra modi.becoz that is politics .so the region of this movie at your forword.(
    mai kahna ye chahta hu ki film jai ho acchi hai magar is me salman khan jab Narendra modi se mile to ye chijh logo ko pasand nahi aai aur yahi region hai ki movie jyada chal nahi rahi hai.

  27. box office ki kis ko pari hy logo ko tou stupid CE AND D3 jaisi films pasand aati hy.
    but umeed karta hn salman aainda bhi istype ki movies banegaaaaa….
    salman ROCKSSSSSSS

  28. Guys don’t go for the review. The movie is fabulous. You are going to like. I am sad that this reviws made me fell that the movie is bad. I watched the movie in mobile, should have watched it in theatre.

    I feel that I should not have gone to watch Dhoom 3. Becoz u can watch bike stunts in youtube and I did not expect that sort of movie from Aamir. Ic his bike sorry rocket launcher sorry again ship could fly, go underwaters and come out with such agreat energy then why should he go by land. He should have flied away from that western bank. I liked the acting and it was perfect but not the stunts (with bike) they were a sort of joke. Dual role of Aamir was fabulus. And for Katrina I think that she was the most important person in the movie.

    And to srk fans if u all guys can explain the stunts by that common man gone out of minds, I salute you. I think I need not explain any more for u all can discriminate between Chennai Express and Dhoom 3. Dhoom 3 was good but this (Jai Ho) is better as it is about goodness and has a great message. So guys please go for it. And at last I want to confirn that I am not a Salman Khan fan. Sorry for spelling mistakes if any and thank you for your patient reading.

  29. salman khan we are never expected whit you like these tip move.your market is not like these tip move.os please chose good story. rest all for you.

  30. JAI IS jst fantabulous…no words to decribe, jst go nd enjoy it….110% sure u won’t regret after watching JAI HO!! (EXCEPT SRK FAN’s, usko fracture hua hai, toh pura dhyan waha hi do)

    Must watch movie jst believe it…!! JAI HO

  31. JAI IS jst fantabulous…no words to decribe, jst go nd enjoy it….110% sure u won’t regret after watching JAI HO!! (EXCEPT SRK FAN’s, usko fracture hua hai, toh pura dhyan waha hi do)

    Must watch movie jst believe it…!! JAI HO

  32. if JAI HO…..was a entertaining movie…it could have box office success……but instead it teaches people to help other….every people believe they are good….they think they will help other in however ways they can…but salman movie have made audience believe that they need to educate themselve to help other…which people did not like……..

    movie should be enternaing for salman audience….message oriented is good for SANJAY DUTT AND AAMIR KHAN ONLY…..

    so salman should do movie like ready and bodyguard…….

    and by the way…SOHIL KHAN IS NOT GOOD DIRECTOR…WHICH MADE JAI HO LOSS….COMMON MAN CANNOT FIGHT LIKE SALMAN. KHAN….common man are not directly hurt by any politican……..

    common man are most happy man….because their dream is small and they have lower expenses…..


  33. Jai Ho is a great movie so i request to all Indian people please… go see jai Ho..good message for human being people

  34. do any of the KHans (Except Salman) have the guts to open their movie for AAM Jantas
    (Single screen) i.e Tickets Cost Rs 80 – 120Rs
    Whereas other khans opens their movie only in multiplexes only
    i.e Tickets Cost Rs 250 – 450
    now calculate yourself and Decide

  35. I knew chota bhai baray ko dabo (sink) kar day ga and that is exacdtly what sohail khan did. didn’t bother to watch the movie even though i love Sallu bhai but sohail khan should at least spend some time taking few courses and then try to direct. thanks sohail khan for making me win my $100 bet as i had said that nothing good can come out of your direcational and you acting abilities… you should start up a local gym and do kick boxing there.

  36. Is Movie Ne Sirf 111 Cr Ka Business Kiya Hai Iska Secret Ye Hai Ki India Ke Log Kisi Ki Madad Nhi Karna Chate Isliye Ye Movie Itna Dhamaal Nhi Kar Pai.


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