When Vince McMahon Almost Kissed Trish Stratus' B*tt
When Vince McMahon Almost Kissed Trish Stratus’ B*tt ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; WWE Still )

WWE’s ex-chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon is back in the news at the age of 76. It’s nothing to cheer for as the man is surrounded by some shocking cases of s*xual misconduct with former employees of the company. While the situation is already tense in the pro-wrestling world, let us take you back to one on-screen fun segment including Vince, Trish Stratus and The Rock, which rocked the world back then.


If you have been a loyal fan and follower of WWE since the Attitude Era, you could still remember some of the most memorable promos and segments which were no less than gold. One such has been related to the wicked storyline of Vince’s ‘Kiss my a*s club’ where he forced multiple wrestlers to kiss his b*tt (of course, it was scripted) as a gesture of showing him respect.


Vince McMahon loves playing the evil in WWE storylines and ‘Kiss my a*s club’ was one such storyline where he literally made everyone hate him. It was none other than The Rock who shut his club like a boss. During the segment, the Brahma bull decides to give Vince the taste of his own medicine by forcing him to kiss a*s of one of the WWE employees.

To Vince McMahon’s sweet surprise, The Rock calls out evergreen Trish Stratus and asks her to join the ring and pull her pants off. Shockingly, Trish does pull her pants down making her stand with a half n*ked b*tt in the ring. Vince, who is more than happy to kiss Trish’s b*tt, proceeds with his drooling face towards it by getting on his knees. Sadly, the poor man gets interrupted by The Rock. The hilarious segment ends up with Vince kissing Rikishi’s ‘stink face’.

It did fetch some extreme reactions back then but went down as one of the most popular segments in WWE history.

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