WWE: Triple H SpittinG Water Entrance
WWE: Triple H Spitting Water During His Entrance ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

WWE wrestlers are known for their entrances along with their star moves. Many of the wrestling professionals also went to make their names, especially for their style of entering the wrestling ring. However, Triple H’s style has been one of the most favorite and iconic entrances of all time.

The thirteen-time world champion, Triple H joined WWE in 1995 and during his entrance, he used to spit water into the air during. Wrestling fans have always wanted to know about how the style of Triple H’s entrance was started. Read on to know more about it.

During a conversation with Sony Sports, Triple H was asked about his iconic entrance. ‘The Game’ explained how fans said that he would never become WWE Champion. Triple H started spitting water into the air first as defiance towards the audience.

On talking about the entrance, Triple H says, “It was a defiance thing but it got such a good reaction that it slowly became a part of the entrance on a regular basis where I would kind of stand in a particular light and spray the water up into the air and it just became synonymous with me.

Triple H later adds when he went on to defeat Mankind for the WWE championship, he realized that his style was getting popular. His style of holding the championship belt and spraying the water in audiences got a good reaction so Triple H decided to make it a signature.

‘The King of Kings’ had a long career as he has now taken the role of the WWE executive. As the wrestling giant company is amidst rumors of being sold to a Saudi Arab-based company, the upcoming Pay-Per-Views like Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania have got the audiences excited!

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