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WWE Rejected Dave Bautista’s Request To Return & Doubted GOTG ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Dave Bautista aka Batista, WWE wrestler turned actor known for his iconic MCU character, Drax The Destroyer has been one of the most favorite amongst moviegoers. The actor had a long history as a wrestler and went on to win many world championships during his reign. While the actor left WWE in 2014, he wanted to return for a match until the wrestling giant’s executive declined the offer.

Fans of WWE and Dave have always wanted to see him back in the ring for the last time. In 2019, during the reunion of the ‘Evolution’ group, it was teased that Bautista might get another match with Triple H but no further update was given. However, WWE failed to cash in on the opportunity when Bautista offered to come back for a match after the success of the first Guardians of The Galaxy Movie. Read on to see why the deal could not work out.



During the MLW podcast, ‘The Writer’s Room’, Dave Bautista spoke about his return to WWE and how Triple H and Stephanie McMahon declined his request. Bautista wanted to return for the 2014’s Summerslam Pay-Per-View event around the release of GOTG. He said, “wouldn’t it be great if I was back, and I was also in the #1 movie in the world?” to Triple H and Stephanie.

Dave Bautista reveals they jokingly refused his offer and mocked him as they said, “We don’t even know if the movie’s gonna be good”, doubting Bautista’s capabilities as an actor. Not only did the movie get critical acclaim, but it also made over $700 Million at the box office. The actor revealed, “it was a very uncomfortable moment where they were just kind of doubting me and laughing in my face.”

While the wrestling giant company, WWE is going through a hard time amidst its sale rumors, don’t you think the executive should approach Dave Bautista and give him a desired match?

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