Ric Flair On Having Active S*xual Life
Ric Flair On Sleeping With Lots Of Women During His Prime(Pic Credit : Instagram/ricflairnatureboy)

Ric Flair is one of the iconic names in pro-wrestling history. The nature boy enjoyed an illustrious career in WWE thanks to skills, mic skills and flamboyant persona. Not just world championship matches, but the wrestler was even popular for his image among women back then.

During his prime, Flair had put forth himself as a s*x symbol in WWE. In his ’30 for 30′ documentary, Flair even went onto say “He was selling vitamins and milk. I was selling s*x and booze,” comparing himself with Hulk Hogan.



In a chat with ESPN, Ric Flair had once said, “Let me tell you something if you’re wrestling and you’re in Hutchinson, Kansas, and you’re gonna spend the night there, I’m gonna find something to do. I’m not going through that night by myself.” Going one step forward, the 16-time world champion had even claimed of having s*x with more than 10,000 women.

Ric Flair had said, “Well, if you do the math, I started when I was in seventh grade! Let me say that hypothetically, I slept with five people. You’d go to your friend next door and go, ‘bullsh*t!’ If I had said, ‘250,’ you’d go, ‘bullsh*t.’ If I said, ‘5,000,’ you’d say, ‘oh, maybe.’ I’m not far off on that number. It doesn’t mean that everybody was Marilyn Monroe by any means, but I’m not far off. I wrestled. I was really good at three things: I wrestled, drinking, and talking, saying ‘goodnight’.”

Meanwhile, recently the nature boy shared his concern over Roman Reigns being upset with him due to his ‘I am the man’ dig at Becky Lynch. It all happened over the monicker ‘the man’ that has been now attached with Becky. For those who don’t know, Flair was the first who made ‘the man’ popular during his career. It was in 2019, Flair had trademarked it, a year after Becky was introduced with it.

“I was concerned that I had lost the respect of Roman Reigns,” Ric Flair said in a chat with Conrad Thompson.

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