Chris Masters Opens Up On Working With John Cena
Chris Masters Had A Feud With John Cena During His WWE Run(Pic Credit: WWE Still)

In the recent past, we have heard former WWE stars making some shocking claims against John Cena. While Ryback is the most vocal person to make claims against Cena, Chris Masters too has now joined the list.


For the unversed, Masters had a short run in WWE (2005-2007), but shot to fame very quickly with his ‘masterlock’. His masterlock challenge is still popular among fans. He returned to the company in 2009, but that too was for a short period as he was out in 2011. During his run, he had several feuds and one with Cena is well known.


Recently, while talking to Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Chris Masters shared his experience working with John Cena. He shared how Cena always shared his displeasure working with him. Interestingly, unlike other stars who have made claims against Cena, Masters didn’t really blame the 16-time world champion.

Chris Masters shared, “I just don’t think John was too big on working with me at the time. I think it was just a little more difficult for us to have good matches with each other. With Cena and me, we never got a good rhythm in terms of our working. That was probably my fault, but it’s hard to say for sure. I just remember that there were some times where Cena had voiced displeasure in my work.”

“It’s just, I think that I had some issues too, around that time. So maybe that contributed to some of that, who knows for sure, but for whatever reason, I just felt like Cena just didn’t take too much pleasure working with me and maybe he felt like I didn’t give him enough of a chance, so I don’t know, ” Masters added, giving a benefit of doubt to John Cena.

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