WWE Star Dave Bautista Said Women Were His Drugs
WWE Star Dave Bautista One Shared How Women Were His Only Drug ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Flickr )

Dave Bautista had his farewell from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he played his role of Drax The Destroyer for the last time. Applauding his performance, even Marvel Studio’s President said he is one of the best actors that the studio has worked with. However, before becoming a Hollywood star, the actor has been a professional wrestler. While he traded his wrestling boots for the silver screen, the actor had six world titles during his time with WWE.

During his days in the WWE, Bautista was obsessed with women and would call himself a womaniser, as he did not do drugs or alcohol. While that is an unusual type of high for the GOTG actor, his popularity among women in the WWE. Read on to find out more about his days at the wrestling when he had an affair with a fellow superstar

With the storylines of WWE matches, Dave Bautista had an affair with Melina. The female star was the manager of MNM, which included other WWE stars, Joey Mercury and John Morrison. As she was once seen flirting with The Animal, it led to a real-life relationship between them and apparently cost Dave Bautista his first marriage. Bautista wrote about it in his book Unleashed and said, “I didn’t drink or do drugs. Women were my drug of choice. I would have 10, 20, 30 girls throwing themselves at me. I wasn’t equipped to handle it. So I took advantage” as reported by Sports Manor.

Later, the book also detailed his affair with the female superstar and how it affected his marriage. Reportedly, he also had affairs/ flings with former female superstars such as Layla El and Rosa Mendes.

With all that, Dave Bautista recently announced his retirement from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he said he wouldn’t be playing his role. Not to forget, the GOTG Vol 3 gave a perfect ending to his character, we would definitely miss him in the future. Let us know what do you think about it.

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