Bret Hart Once Got P*ssed Off At Seth Rollins' Bad Move Against John Cena
Bret Hart Once Got P*ssed Off At Seth Rollins’ Bad Move Against John Cena ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Facebook )

Pro wrestling is a serious business! Yes, there’s an adrenaline rush in it, but that comes at the cost of risking one’s own and competitor’s life. In order to minimize the risk, wrestlers go through a lot of practice and try to maintain safety. However, there are times when things are in no control and injuries happen. One such incident was including Seth Rollins and John Cena. Talking about the same, WWE legend Bret Hart once schooled Rollins. Keep reading to know more!

During the RAW episode on July 27, 2015, the Authority forced John Cena to defend his United States Championship against Rollins. During the match, Rollins unintentionally broke Cena’s nose after botching a Ripcord Knee attempt. Following the match, Rollins immediately apologized to Cena. Recalling the same incident, Hart once explained how there’s very little margin for error when one performs inside the ring.

Talking on Booker T’s Heated Conversations podcast, Bret Hart said, “There’s no excuse for those kinds of mistakes. If you’re doing CrossFit all day and you’re too tired to do your stuff in the ring… there’s just no excuse. And you watch a guy grab a guy and jerk his head down and see him full blast knee him in the face as hard as you can and actually move his nose to the side of his head; there’s just no room for those kinds of mistakes. He’s lucky, really lucky, that he didn’t kill John Cena right in the middle of the ring.”

Bret Hart further added that there’s no room for such mistakes in the pro wrestling business, as one small mistake can prove fatal. “When you make a mistake, one time, you could cost somebody’s family everything that they’ve got,” he continued.

During the same interaction, Bret Hart also shared that he’s a big fan of Seth Rollins and wishes he becomes the safest wrestler in the world in the future.

Meanwhile, in the current news, Seth Rollins is missing from action. He suffered a knee injury during WrestleMania 40. He’s undergone surgery, and his recovery status is not known.

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