Roman Reigns & Other Stars Evolved But Why WWE Is Still Lacking The X-Factor?(Pic credit: Stills from episode)
Roman Reigns & Other Stars Evolved But Why WWE Is Still Lacking The X-Factor?(Pic credit: Stills from episode)

First of all, let me make it very clear that I am a loyal fan of WWE. Born in the 1990s, once my schedule had a dedicated slot for my favourite shows like SmackDown and RAW. But over the last few years, I am finding it hard to tolerate the awful changes, the company has gone through. But believe me, there’s still a ray of hope. The only thing is that the working force needs to focus on certain areas.


No doubt, there’s a bunch of some really talented players who are carrying the brand on their shoulders. Then what’s the matter, why is the monopoly of pro-wrestling finding it hard to connect with the real audience? Where’s the spark that we saw during the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression Era?


Several questions in mind, right? So, in today’s dedicated piece, I, as a hard-core WWE fan will put forth my personal point of view about the areas in which the company is playing it wrong.

The first and foremost point is the breaking of kayfabe. Yes, this factor played an important part in keeping the interest value intact during the glorious years of WWE. There used to be a certain mystery around the superstar’s gimmick. The best example would be of The Undertaker. Just look at his journey and characters. He played the dead man, American badass and fans used to believe his persona to be real. But thanks to social media, the difference between real life and reel life is easily spotted and there’s no such curiosity element around any superstar.

WWE has been surrounded by allegations of “not hearing the voices” for a long time now. I mean just look at it, how desperately they are to provide a major push to a guy like Roman Reigns. No doubt, he fulfils the criteria of attractive physique and looks, but that’s all. The so-called poster boy and one of the highest-paid wrestlers, lacks captivating charisma and mic skills. For sure, The Big Dog fans won’t agree with me on this but fellas, it’s a bitter truth. Go, take a poll and get a reality check.

Another point is underutilising the present talent. Yes, some players like AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre and Bray Wyatt are being given the much-deserved attention but there’s a bunch of other wrestlers who are still to get the due credit. Look at The Miz! He is good on the mic and also possesses decent in-ring skills. Even he has that personality which is hard to ignore. Lately, the star is getting some good opportunities but his full potential is yet to be reaped. Also, special mentions like R Truth, MVP, Tyler Breeze and Big E, who can work wonders if provided the chance.

Last but not least is the stale storytelling and match concepts. It’s really sad to see WWE still trying to cash in on the done and dusted tricks. In my personal opinion, the company must hire some really good talent as a part of a creative team. I really loved the concept of weird yet interesting Firefly Funhouse match and Boneyard match. The company needs more such concepts to be presented.

Vince McMahon and co., Are you listening? We want WWE to be awesome again!

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