From 'Just' Drew McIntyre To Becoming A WWE Superstar, Take A Look At An Incredible Transformation Journey Of 'Scottish Psychopath'
Drew McIntyre’s Transformation Story ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Drew McIntyre )

For all WWE fans, it was a huge shocker when they saw Drew McIntyre making a return in 2017. He left everyone stunned with his version 2.0, and yes, he did look like a superstar in the making. Since then, he has witnessed a huge push in the promotion.

It was back in 2007 when Drew made his debut in WWE with ‘broken dreams’. He was termed as the ‘chosen one’ by Vince McMahon. But back then he lacked that X factor needed to be a star. Cut to after exactly one decade, he looked completely different when he appeared on NXT and is unstoppable since then. It’s his tough and beefed-up physique that helped him in grabbing Vince’s eyeballs yet again. And yes, just like every other transformation story, Drew too has an exciting tale to dictate.

In 2014, Drew McIntyre was released by WWE, and that was the point where the pro-wrestler decided to make a physical as well as mental transformation. Drew himself has revealed on several occasions that he used to underestimate himself and there was a lot of negative thoughts stuck inside him. So, he pledged to change his negative attitude first before making physical changes.

Along with mental toughness, Drew McIntyre adopted a strict fitness regime, in which trainer Rob McIntyre’s app came in handy for him. Speaking of the same, he said, “For my weekly training, I use an app that trainer Rob McIntyre (no relation) created. It’s one that I and a bunch of WWE superstars use. For four days a week, it’s a plan of working with weights, but you can never predict what it’s going to be because every six weeks the program changes dramatically,” reports Essentially Sports.

Strangely, unlike other stars, Drew isn’t a big fan of cross fit. He loves to keep it simple by focusing on old-school training. Not just exercise but stretching too is an important part, especially if you want to keep your body injury-free. Considering that, the Scottish Psychopath follows a good stretching program featuring rehab moves as well as dynamic and static movements.

Very less WWE fans would be aware that Drew suffered a neck injury in 2014. But as it’s said that whatever happens, happens for good! Post his injury, Drew gave more importance to his nutrition and dropped his night out plans.

So, that’s the journey from being an ordinary guy on the roster to becoming one of the major crowd pullers!

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