Marvel Developing Captain America 4 To Bring Back Chris Evans?
Chris Evans’ Comeback Planned By Marvel With Captain America 4?(Pic Credit: IMDb, Getty)

It wasn’t an easy day when Captain America decided to take off the suit one last time and pass on the mantle. The world was in a deep shock and everyone wanted Chris Evans and the studio to collectively think once again if that was a wise decision. Seems like Marvel has heard the prayers of the fans who cannot stay away from Steve Rogers for long. If the latest reports are to go by, the studio is planning to make Captain America 4 and guess what? Chris is a part of it. But theories also have a twist to them. Read on to know everything you should.

By the end of Avengers: Endgame, when Thanos was defeated and the world was returning back to normalcy, Cao was up to give us a shock. Chris Evans aka Steve Rogers decided to part ways from the Captain America mantle and pass it on to Falcon. While the mantle continued to exist somewhere in the universe, Evans seems to be missing and the void was jarring.



Turns out the Marvel Gods could not see the sad faces left by Chris Evans exit and are churning out plans to bring back our charmer into the universe again. If the most prominent of the plans is to go by, as per We Got This Covered, they are planning Captain America 4 where they can bring Evans back. The twist here is that the flick will be led by Sam Wilson’s Falcon and Evans will enter it as a guiding spirit or the mentor to the newly recruited Captain America. Well, the mentor and student dynamic have always done wonders for the studio. Remember Peter Parker and Tony Stark?

Another theory as per the intel is to be believed, Captain America aka Chris Evans, travelling in time in the last flick, has given the studio a chance to make films on parallel timelines. Marvel is already experimenting the same with Spider-Man 3, and they may try their hand with Cap too. And if not that the idea of keeping two Captain America in their separate timelines is also not completely ignorable.

Stick to this space to know what happens next.

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