Millie Bobby Brown Wants More Remuneration Than Her Adult Co-Stars For Stranger Things 5?
Stranger Things 5 Is On Cards, Millie Bobby Brown Is Asking For More Money Than Adult Co-Stars?(Pic Credit: IMDb)

It doesn’t come to you as a shock that Millie Bobby Brown is already Hollywood’s highest-paid teenager, and she touched this milestone in Stranger Things 3 itself. The actor that has if not singed, at least speculated to be a part of big vehicles is one of the busiest child stars in the town. While Godzilla Vs Kong awaits its huge release, Netflix’s crown jewels starring Brown is also inching towards the D Day. As we head towards it, the buzz is that the platform has already started work on season 5 and if that isn’t enough to excite you, Brown is asking for a Paycheque heftier than she already gets.

Everyone who has been slow in catching the news, Stranger Things 5 is already on cards, and Netflix has shown a green signal to the Duffer Brothers. The show that has brought back David Harbour, is also reprising Winona Ryder and the child cast that includes Millie Bobby Brown in the lead. Not forget, Stranger Things has given Brown mass popularity and Netflix’s another project Enola Holmes elevated the buzz.

While all of that has only added to her appreciation saga, seems like it has also made her hike her remuneration. As per We Got This Covered, Millie Bobby Brown has asked for a heftier paycheque bigger than the adult co-stars who are also noteworthy actors. There is no confirmation of the news from either side, but Daniel Richtman says the buzz is strong. As per last reports, Millie was already charging $350,000 per episode in season 3 of Stranger Things.

Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most sought after Hollywood child star. She is not just in demand for Stranger Things. There are also 5 Enola Holmes sequels in the works. If that isn’t it, Adam Sandler also wants her for a special series that is in the works. There is also buzz that she has been reading quite a few scripts. Our girl here is also a producer, you know.

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