CM Punk Breaks His Silence On Pro-Wrestlers Released By WWE
CM Punk On Released Wrestlers By WWE(Pic Credit: WWE)

CM Punk is known for speaking his mind no matter what. He is the one who loves calling spade a spade, without unnecessary sugar coating. After keeping a mum on the series of releases by WWE, the former world champion has finally reacted. Believe us, it’s nothing short of a pipe bomb!


Post Wrestlemania 37, some unexpected pro-wrestlers have been released by WWE. With a board of budget cuts in hand, the promotion has shown a gate to many talented and technically skilled pro-wrestlers. Like all other former performers and experts, Punk too thinks it ‘sucks’, but he wants the released stars to try their luck in different promotions.


“I don’t know a lot of the people who got fired, but I know that it’s probably more of a blessing than anything. If you want to be a pro wrestler, you can be. You don’t have to work for WWE. I think it sucks, I think anybody getting fired sucks. But I do think, for a lot of people, it could be the best thing that ever happens to them. If that’s where you want to be and you got fired, well your job is to prove them wrong and try to get your job back,” CM Punk said on Sunday Night’s Main Event.

CM Punk continued, “But if you’re job is just to be the best pro wrestler you can be, put food on your table, have money in your pocket, I think there’s a world now in 2021 where more so than in recent times you can be a pro wrestler.”

Further, Punk deliberately dodged the question of him making AEW debut on August 20 in Chicago’s United Center.

“I think I might be doing a screening, this isn’t confirmed yet so I probably shouldn’t blast this out everywhere, but we’re talking about doing a screening of episode three of Heels at AMC in Chicago. That’s one of the dates that has been proposed. I hope to see everybody there,” he shared.

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