The 7 Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch If You Liked 'Fallout'
The 7 Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch If You Liked ‘Fallout’ (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Fallout, the widely awaited live-action TV series, is finally here thanks to Amazon Prime Video, which took the critically acclaimed video game series of the same name and turned it into a hugely popular series. Three characters from various facets of the Fallout universe are featured in the Fallout television series: Cooper Howard, a ghoul, Lucy the Vault Dweller, and Maximus the Brotherhood of Steel Squire.

What sets Fallout apart is its distinct blend of Western, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic genres; the tone and style of the game translate well to the TV series. While the second season of Fallout could take a while, here’s a list of TV shows you can indulge in the meantime

1. Halo

The Halo TV series from Paramount is based on the popular Xbox video game franchise and follows Master Chief as he battles the Covenant once more, creating a fantastical sci-fi environment. Halo isn’t a Western, but it is a science fiction film with a strong emphasis on intergalactic and futuristic settings.

Halo is a far more contentious video game adaptation than Fallout, with opinions among fans of the original series varying greatly. Fallout lovers who want more gaming fun may want to try out the Halo TV series, though. It’s interesting to note that there are already two seasons of the Halo TV series, so new viewers will have plenty to explore.

2. Fallout

Debuted in 2002, this Showtime series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mystery illness kills everyone over the age of 13. The protagonist, Jeremiah follows up years later with a couple of drifters recruited by an underground society to assist in their return to the surface.

The first season of the show is quite episodic, with Luke Perry and Malcolm-Jamal Warner giving outstanding performances as young people still suffering from the horrors of growing up in a dead world. If the culture of the vaults is your favorite aspect of Fallout, you might enjoy Jeremiah.

3. The 100

Based in part on a series of books of the same name, “The 100” took place one hundred years after Earth was devastated by nuclear war. The 12 multinational space stations that were in orbit at the time of devastation were the only places where people survived. As resources became short for the 4,000 people who currently live on the space stations, 100 juvenile criminals were brought to Earth to see if it was habitable.

Despite receiving little publicity, The 100 was one of the CW’s most popular shows and had a passionate fan following. Even with its shortcomings, the series delivered a compelling story and, like other shows of a similar nature, examined issues of conflict, violence, and the significance of peaceful coexistence for all people.

4. The Last of Us

A video game adaptation that matches, if not surpasses, the calibre of Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout series, The Last of Us is among the greatest ever. The show follows a 14-year-old girl who might be humanity’s final hope and is taken care of by a hardened survivor after a worldwide pandemic wipes out civilization.

The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic Western that is similar to Fallout but adheres much more closely to the conventions of the genre. For those who want a show with a similar tone and plot, The Last of Us is definitely a great choice.

5. Silo

In the post-apocalyptic world of Silo, humanity has been forced to relocate inside a massive underground silo where they can live in complete isolation from the outside world. Like Fallout’s Vault-Tec Vaults, Silo explores the workings of this kind of life and the dangers that accompany it.

It’s amazing to observe as the show’s mysteries—such as the real purpose of the silo and the intentions of the people in charge—all come to light one after another. If you’re looking for what to show to watch after finishing Fallout, then Silo might just be your answer.

6. Snowpiercer

In Snowpiercer, the story of survivors of the snow apocalypse is told via a constantly moving train consisting of 1,001 cars as it circles the globe seven years after the world literally froze over. The ruins of society, trapped within these cars, must deal with problems beyond simple survival, like class conflict and other challenges, much like the world did prior to a sharp drop in temperature.

With survivors confined within a moving train rather than dispersed across the nation, Snowpiercer is an exciting series that offers an intriguing perspective on the apocalypse. Similar to other post-apocalyptic narratives, it delves into societal difficulties while keeping its characters comparatively secure.

7. Twisted Metal

Based on the same-named video game franchise, Peacock’s Twisted Metal follows John Doe, who in exchange for a better life, has to deliver a parcel across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. He encounters threats on the open road, such as a crazy clown operating an ice cream truck while travelling with an axe-wielding vehicle robber.

In a frequently dark and depressing genre, Twisted Metal provides a lighter perspective on the end of the world. The funny depiction and well-executed video game adaptation make the apocalyptic cause less dangerous than in other such stories.

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