When Brad Pitt Defended His Bodyguards Over The Allegations Of Racist Abuse
When Brad Pitt’s Bodyguards Were Accused Of Being Racist Towards Indian While Actor Was Shooting A Film In Mumbai (Pic Credit: Getty)

Brad Pitt has visited India multiple times for shoots of different films. He has expressed his reasons for coming back and has expressed his thoughts about the country. Pitt has revealed that he was fascinated by the landscape and enthralled by its beauty when he visited Varanasi. During one of his visits, Pitt found himself caught up in a big misunderstanding.

In 2006, Brad and Angelina Jolie along with their kids came to India for months to shoot ‘A Mighty Heart’. The film is about the life and death of Daniel Pearl who was an American journalist kidnapped and murdered in 2002 in Pakistan by Islamist militants.



While in Mumbai, allegations against Brad Pitt’s three bodyguards being racist towards the local people emerged. It was reported that the bodyguards racially insulted parents and children of an Indian Islamic school during the shooting of the film.

Even the police received complaints about how Brad Pitt’s guards manhandled the students and parents. As per the grapevine, the guards also called them “bloody Indians” as they tried to enter the school where the stars were.

However, Brad denied all the allegations. According to a quote by Times of India, the Ocean’s Eleven actor said, “As a film unit and as individuals we respect all religions and human beings. We are committed to tolerance and human values … It is unthinkable that anyone would have uttered the things that are being attributed to them. But if any misunderstanding has been caused, we apologise for it.”

“This is not what Angelina and I wanted. This contradicts the message of the film we are trying to make. Angelina and I have a multi-racial family, we want them to respect and understand different religions,” Pitt said as per the reports.

After the allegations, the police detained the three bodyguards of Brad Pitt. According to the reports, they were released on bail of Rs. 25,000.

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