Who Owns The Avengers Tower? This Spider-Man Actor Knows The Secret
The Identity Of The Avengers Tower Owner Is Now Solved By This Spider-Man Actor. Deets Inside ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Still From Avengers: Age Of Ultron/Marvel )

One of the stars of Spider-Man: No Way Home knows who is the new owner of Avenger’s Tower. The owner of the Avengers Tower has been a mysterious secret which only Tom Holland knows about.

Surprised right? Well, the Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, revealed this news in his interview with Phase Zero.



In the film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, the audience was intrigued when the Avengers Tower got a new owner whose identity till this date has never been revealed. It must have been quite an exciting puzzle for fans of MCU to keep their guessing game on about this secret owner. But Tom Holland has put on his detective hat and given us a teaser about this mysterious owner.

In the video posted on Phase Zero’s Twitter handle, Holland said, “Actually I do know who bought Avengers Tower!” He followed it by whispering the answer into the interviewer’s ear.

That was outrightly sneaky, Tom!

Well, we would have bought it, but Zendaya’s reaction also supported that Tom Holland is well aware of the new owner’s identity and how it would be consequential in the upcoming Spider-Man movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.’s future.

Fans watching the interview could not keep calm on the comments and were curious for answers.

One user wrote, “i’d give him all of my 76p to find out who bought that tower. happy to pitch in”.

Others gave their own fan theories of the tower being owned by Oscorp Industry.

Whoa, that would be a sheer possibility.

Other fan theories have also suggested that the owner of Avengers Tower is either Kingpin or the Fantastic Four.

It seems like we have to keep the guessing game going till the next film comes up.

What are your theories about the new owner of the Avengers Tower?

Tell us in the comments.

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