Andrew Garfield Says He Will Not Play Joker Ever
Andrew Garfield Is Now Promoting His Netflix Movie Tick Tick Boom ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; Movie Still )

There has been not even a single day in the past few months that Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield has not made it to the headlines. The actor has managed to stay there for many reasons. Of course, the release of Lin-Manuel Miranda directorial Tick Tick Boom was a big reason, but the biggest was the mystery behind his appearance in Tom Holland’s Marvel starrer Spider-Man: No Way Home. Fans are already convinced that he is in the movie. That aside seems like he is now making news for something else.

Andrew has now faced the Spider-Man: No Way Home question umpteenth time. The actor has not dodged it ever. But recently during promotion Tick Tick Boom when he was a question completely out of the syllabus, he was caught off-guard. Garfield was asked if he would ever play Joker in the Batman universe and turns out it is a big no and not a rude one, but out of the respect for the legacy.

Over decades Joker, Batman’s biggest arch-enemy has become one of the most iconic characters in the history of world cinema. The character has been touched by the likes of Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto. The former two took home Oscars for their version of Arthur Fleck. Now when Andrew Garfield was asked if he wants to play the Clown Prince Of Crime, he was surprised.

In GQ’s Q&A video Andrew Garfield was suddenly put in a spot when he was asked if he would play Joker in Matt Reeves The Batman franchise against Robert Pattinson’s Cape Crusader. Garfield exclaimed he won’t even go near the character. His reason was the simple that he could never live up to the level the predecessor who have played it has set.

“No. No way, I wouldn’t go near it. Would not go near it. But, sweet of you to think that it’s possible, but I don’t think that I could ever do it because of what Heath [Ledger] did, what Jack Nicholson did, and of course Joaquin [Phoenix] did his own genius thing,” Andrew Garfield said.

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