Marvel Cancels Guardians Of The Galaxy Comics After Character Come Out Of Closet?
In The 18th Issue Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Many Characters Came Out As Bis*xual Or Gay(Photo Credit: Imdb)

Ever since James Gunn took the responsibility to tell the story of the Guardians Of The Galaxy in 2014, he has only garnered fans across the globe. The popularity churned out a Vol2 and is soon gearing up for a Vol 3 with Chris Pratt reprising Peter Quill. But did you know, the movie not just elevated the on-screen future of the GOTG but also made the studio revive the comic? But turns out it has hit a roadblock now.

After the success of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 1 in 2014 and Vol 2 in 2017, Marvel gave a green signal to reboot the comics associated with the Guardians in 2019 under the leadership of Al Ewing. Turns out they have now abruptly cancelled the series for a while. The reason is said to be that many of the characters including that of Pratt have now started coming out as bis*xual or gay. Read on to know everything you should about this most shocking update of the day.



Marvel after they announced that the September 22 issue will be the last did not bother to give any more explanation as to why the move. But as per Mark Lynch from FanSided, the comics under Al Ewing has started to embrace storylines involving LGBTQ characters from the 18th issue. If you are unaware, Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord has been heteros*xual in the movies all this while, but the comics announce his as bis*xual.

Mark Lynch’s observation reads, “Peter Quill came out as bisexual (Guardians of the Galaxy No. 9), Richard Rider (Nova) admitted his love for Quill, Moondragon and Genis-Vell were married, and Hercules and Marvel Boy started a relationship. It was clear that Ewing cares about these characters and it spilled out in his writing and it’s unfortunate that the series is ending after so much thoughtful storytelling.”

Meanwhile, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 is all set to make audience cry, at least the cast who claim to have shed tears hint at that. What is your take on Marvel cancelling the comics at such an important turn? Let us know in the comments section below.

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