Daniel Craig Says Hugh Jackman Cannot Be The New James Bond
Watch Daniel Craig Shunning Down Buddy Hugh Jackman As Next James Bond(Photo Credit: facebook/wikimedia)

Even before Daniel Craig and Henry Cavill were even busy racing to become the next James Bond after the studio decided to give the secret spy a completely different tone, it was Hugh Jackman who was supposedly replacing Pierce Brosnan as the 007 prodigy. As Brosnan, the most veteran and iconic of the Bonds we have seen till date was stepping down in 2002 with Die Another Day, the world was in the same curiosity as today, as to who will be the next spy in suit.

It isn’t a hidden fact that the most burning question for the most burning questions for the cinema literates right now is who will take up the iconic 007 mantle once Daniel Craig vacates it after No Time To Die. There have been names like Henry Cavill, Regé-Jean Page, and a few more.

But no one can deny the possibility that the makers may go to their first choice, that is our very own Wolverine, Hugh Jackman. Except for Daniel who says Jackman will be the next Bond over his dead body. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

In a new interview clip shared by Hugh Jackman himself, Daniel Craig has sat down to answer the biggest question, who’s next? The No Time To Die star is cordial until his good friend Hugh’s name pops up and he is all pumped up to shun him down. When the interviewers hints at Jackman, Craig is quick to address he isn’t it. He says “He is not going to be it. Over my dead body.” Well, that’s some serious sarcasm.

The clip that reach Hugh Jackman, made him chuckle a bit too. Sharing it on his official Twitter handle, he put the rumours to rest and said it is now confirmed that he is not the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. He wrote, “Well … that kills that rumor! Daniel, mate, you’ll always be @007 to me. #NoTimeToDie . I’m IN. @reallorraine.”

What do you have to say about this banter? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, watch No Time To Die on the big screens on October 18.

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